Game Day thread - Ess v Saints. Time to see the truth... Or are weLyon

Bomberblitz has been at war this week about where the Club is at. Today we get a chance to see how bad or good things are.

Saints are a decent team, but are we as bad as what some say? We find out today.


Bombers by 70+


A hard, intense, to-and-fro game ending in a narrow and heartbreaking defeat.

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We’re gonna farkin win!


Dont do it to yourself. Enjoy the day off and check how much we lost by tonight


I’m going along

Nothing else to do today…


Im looking forward to this and its going to be the 1st game I go to in 2024.
I thought we were very good against a pumped up Sydney on their own turf last week, and we’ll get some top class players back in Parish & Redman. The Saints scraped over the line against a Collingwood team that is just going early season…and are without King, Mason Wood & accumulator Crouch…We are a red hot chance to win this one…
I fully expect Hind & Gresham to go beserk agaist their old team…!!


I’ll be at the ground, as usual, busting a blood vessel, screaming my head off.


Redman would want to have a massive game. Has done very little since his large contract win and cost us last week.

We have enough firepower to win without 2MP. If we apply more defensive pressure we win by 17


It’s a tough one to work out. How do you assess our loss? Swans look like a top team and we scored 100 again and we’re in the game until late.

Saints had an honourable loss against Cats and then beat a bad Collingwood.

Both have key forwards out but I think the sum of our ins and outs are better than theirs.

All week I have expected to lose this game but now that I look at the teams and “form” I think we have a better team on paper. If we can play with the “edge” and kick straight I think we win.


Will be there. Beat the hawks as expected, served it up to the Swans but lost by 30 (prob as expected) so this will be a good indication of where we’re at. Was impressed by the Saints against the KKK. Do we soar to heaven or fall into the bows of hell against the Saints?

Lid on!

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Saints are a decent side with some key outs. If we fix up our defensive pressure, we’re a great chance. If we don’t, it could be ugly.

Lid off!


It’s more hope than expecting a good performance today. Team selection is putrid. Bland, conservative and favouring experienced players over youth. We will get a serious pantsing today if we don’t work hard, because one thing you’re guaranteed with this Saints team is they will run to exhaustion. Playing two rucks and no genuine key forward. A lot resting on Langford and Stringer. Small forward stocks are comically bad. I’d be thrilled with a win but expecting a loss.

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I’m a little under the weather so cannot go.
If anyone wants a ticket or wants to save themselves paying general admin entry fee, PM me with your email address and I’ll forward my seat to you.

It’s one ticket only. If you wish to use the reserved seat, it is on level 1, in the forward pocket on the city side a few bays away from the cheer squad.


Tickets selling out fast - if your planning on going buy one now:

“Public GA and Reserved tickets are sold out for today’s match. Standing Room is available until allocation exhausted.”


20 goal loss coming up. RTB going to make us regret trying to put him through a process.

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That’s insane.
Imagine what the crowd would be at the ‘G.
Against St Kilda.
When we’re rubbish.
And our full forward just got suspended.
In this economy.