Game Day Thread - GWS, round 15 of 2019

Lets put this in terms of Woosha speak, the art of saying not much but filling in time at pressers.

We need to change the way we want to play by playing hard contested footy, to force them to play the way they don’t want to play.

If we are able to physically beat them for 4 quarters and keep scoring low, we will win. Give them space and we are farked.

A win is possible, but unlikely.

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I’m not quite sure what you mean.

Clarkson read GWS perfectly, and set his team up to beat them. It was an awful game to watch. But they did win.

Even when they lose, they rarely get smashed. Look at their results this season with a terrible list.

They lost games to half of the bottom 8 and almost lost to the other half. Where was the system then? Does it only work on GWS and Adelaide?

I just worry when let’s say we loose the first quarter 5 goals to one, Woosha refuses to make a player or strategy change until the 20 minute mark of the third quarter. Hes way to slow to react

Dude, their list is absolutely farking abysmal.

They should be a bottom four club, and they have managed to stay within reach of the top eight, nearly all year. Mainly because of the way he makes them play.

Of course it won’t work every time, I didn’t say it would. But it did against GWS.

Woosha refuses to make a player or strategy change

It was telling that the explanation for how we broke down the Hawthorn uncontested game after half time, was “a couple of coaches” made some changes in tactics during the half time break.

Its great that John gave credit where it was due, but perhaps more important was he seemingly did not originate the changes.

Something is brewing. Maybe a late change for GWS?

We were $2.50 this morning and are now $2.15. That is a huge shift in a 2 horse race

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Watch out Giants…
he’s coming’s to getcha…
he’s coming to getcha…
you hear his footsteps…
you’re under pressure!


Came home and my doggie has removed his efc jumper, found it mashed up in the back garden, the no 26 trashed. Just saying…

What crowd are we expecting? 15000?


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Woosha’ s pretty modest- quite conceivably he was one of those “a couple of coaches”

That’s OK
Read it as an omen for Hooker forward.
Let the dog into your front yard, give him back the jumper, and let us know the outcome.


That’s an avalanche of cash on the Dons.

They generally take a dump in my front yard…

Yeah I reckon one of their stars must be in serious doubt

Fantasia out yet?

What, dogs wearing Cale Hooker jumpers?
You live in an odd neighbourhood

Don’t think they’ve opened Marvel yet…

Get all the chairs off the boundary line area.