Game day thread vs the Cats

So how many goals will we kick? Hope it is more than 2 that Bulldogs kicked last night.

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Boys are out there warming up.

Country game was a cracker with Goulburn Valley running away in last quarter. Field kicking was fabulous, GV full forward is a fun.

Umpires were as old as me and did a great job letting game flow.

Love Country footy, tough and hard.

  1. Raining Goals at the MCG.

Let’s hope there is a more coherent and spirited performance today.

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We won’t be this calm in 2 hours

Get the fkn cannon ready


I want us to win to stick it ups all the Geelong supporting flags in the media

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I was going to say, how about the field kicking and kicking for goal. That was great to watch. GVL has better skilled players than our team.

Was watching a few Geelong boys…Tom Stewart and his backline mates trying to kick the footy and stop it in the centre circle and then the Toyota logo. Pretty much their pre-pre-warm up.

Lol…they got this won in their head. Come on boys…we can get them with a big effort.

Reckon we’ll kick 9 for the game, with 4 in the last.

Cannon is perpetually on standby

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I think you will need 21 cannons to appropriately salute our big win!


Let’s promise to mrbean.gif if we win

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Another horrible emotionless boring loss

A win today would be massive.

Hopefully with expectations off the players, they’ll just go all out today.

Realistically though, we should cop a thumping.

Forget result, just go in hard and play well

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I expect Geelong to try and bully us.

Just hope we keep our effort up, and don’t drop our heads, regardless of the scoreboard.

We did beat them pre season.

That will be one little positive nugget they can hang some belief on in their heads.

New personnel, Neeld gone, clearer messaging, backs against the wall, desperate for a win, only a couple of players to really stop, match up well o/wise … may just get up today.


The mindset and player effort will go a long way to either ease a bit of pressure on worsfold or really turn up the heat.

Should be a very interesting game

That would be fantastic!! I’d love to beat them today, go into the Giants game with some belief back.

Perhaps Geelong will underestimate this game.

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We sacked the guy that invented the game plan and was the only line of communication to the coach. The same coach who said we needed time to gel and made five changes this week, including two debuts. And we didn’t replace the game plan guy. So we’re gonna be totally gelled and know exactly what we need to do.

100+ loss if Geelong can kick straight.