Game day vs Kings of the jungle - Round 17 2022

19°C no rain.

Come on Bombers. Let’s get this done.

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No Redman, no worries.

If it bleeds…


Just heading off now from the Sunny Coast (which has not seen much sun these past few months).
:crossed_fingers:that the Bruce Highway remains clear.
Last Sunday game we went to at the Gabba took 3 hours to get there. :confounded:


Wtf… no redders plenty of worries

Please kings of the jungle?



No Parish with Neale in the middle for them is the biggest worry.

Dons by 74.


Also, lions do not live in jungles.


No Parish, Perkins & Redman hurts - good to have McGrath back though

Are we playing Cronulla?

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Must lose. Desperately need to hold on to pick 3 and bank that quality Toumpas/Plowman type to add to our list build.


Their forward line in particular still looks really dangerous, although their backline has been pretty heavily whacked with those outs.

Bring the pressure and win the contested ball, and I reckon we can roll ‘em if we get enough I50s.

Dons by 16. :heart::black_heart:

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Shiel, Hobbs and Caldwell key to us having a chance

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I’d be suprised if we dont win, tbh. and im never confident

Just bring the effort from St.Kilda and Sydney games.

Brisbane should still be able to get this done. Depleted top teams are generally still able to beat bottom teams, so not expecting a win. Just effort.

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My 9 year old daughter who is a 10 year member is getting dolled up like its her school formal. Head to toe in bombers gear and my wife is curling her hair before she covers it with a beanie.

Please Essendon, show up today and get a win for my daughter who has not seen any form of success from you in her life.

Im 44 years old and have been blessed to see 4 premierships. Just give us this one.

We will be in the Lions members area which will make a victory twice as sweet or defeat sting 10 times worse.

Come on Bombers. Win today then lose the rest of the season if that’s what it takes. One big scalp away from home. Do it!


Hind to kick one from outside 50 on the run and do the red dog salute in his honour.



Our defence is just going to look like horse ■■■■ today I reckon

Calls for Zerk to be loaded back into the cannon

Questioning why we ever selected Hind

Kelly throwing the balance out and only being drafted as a favour

Heppell to be retired immediately

That kind of stuff