Game of Thrones TV series *SPOILERS*: Let's wait for Season 8 Sesīr kipi!


Watched the preview for the finale.

Prediction: They go to Kings Landing, I expect multiple comments on how the ■■■■ they got there so quick.


they need to drop that jon is the rightful air asap.


My prediction…
There won’t be any ‘rightful air’ for all Westeros.
It’ll be zoned the way Robb Stark requested it to be earlier in the TV series.


Jon needs to get the other dragon from his aunt.


The Bald Move guys, yeah?

Yep, I reckon they nailed it. 20% of that episode was just farking stupid, but the other 80% was crazy insanely awesome

Gee, you’d hate to be in that group being surrounded by whites, and realise your character doesn’t have a name. You’re so dead.


It was a trap by the Knight King to get a dragon.
Without the dragon, he’s not getting through the wall.


I’m guessing that one of Sansa, Arya or Littlefinger die in the finale. They have been building up to something happening between them.

Please dont be Arya



Why do you say they hate water? We’ve seen wights emerge from the water that episode so at the very least it’s not fatal.


The whites waited for the lake to freeze in that episode.
A few seasons back when the Knight King rose a whole heap of dead, they didn’t go into the water either (for memory).


I think it’s more an OH&S thing for them. None of them had personal flotation devices and the unions would go nuts if one of them drowned.


Yeah, no defending the Ravens equipped with warp drive in that episode but oh well.

I think in previous seasons Jon would have spent two episodes on the other side of the wall and the retreat could have been staggered so that the time lapse would not have been as galling.


Yeah I really didn’t like that episode much at all. The stupid plan to capture a wight just to get Dany/Jon to bond and to get the NK to get a dragon.

The action scenes were a bit meh. Benjen just pops up for 2 seconds to die.

I’ve been forgiving of the timeline because I realise they have to push story and not everything they’re showing is in sequential order. But for Gendry to be able to run back to the wall, a raven to fly to Dragonstone and Dany ride up to the Wall all before they froze to death was pretty funny.


I’m going to assume the scenes they showed of the magnificent 7 + disposable extras walking away from the wall was real-time, hence gendry only had about a 10 minute jog to get back.

Ravens are quickish, and dragons are ■■■■■■ fast, right?..right?


If it was so easy for Dany to just fly up there, then… Why wasn’t that the plan to begin with?


That’s another thing. He has a clear shot at a stationary dragon, that also has all the enemy sitting on it, so he takes the harder shot and goes for the moving target?


Because democracy.

Seriously though, the storylines have diminished in quality since they went off-book.

I am developing a fair hatred for George R R R R Martin. Sold out for undoubtedly large dollars and allowed his creation to be bastardised.

Also: Finish the ■■■■■■■ book you fat lard.


That ■■■■ me last week. Surely if these people who have come so far are telling you they’re gonna risk their lives to prove something to you, you’d just farking believe them. Fly a dragon, get an aerial, go back home.


Theory: Little Finger died at some point recently and Arya is wearing his face.


So many extras!
It looked like there was like 3-4 sled carriers at the start, but in the action scenes there were heaps getting picked off. I kept thinking it was a main character getting killed off.