Game of Thrones TV series *SPOILERS*: Let's wait for Season 8 Sesīr kipi!


The Littlefinger dispatching was a bit too ‘extra-judicial’ for my liking. Shouldnt he have been entitled to the Westerosi due process of ‘trial by combat!’ like Tyrion (x2)? Could then have also gotten an arya as champion fight scene…


He didn’t ask for trial by combat, and the North doesn’t fark about with shiz like that anyway.


Ned taught his kids if you are going to condemn someone to death, be prepared to do the dirty work yourself too.


I liked the Littlefinger scene a lot. It was an obvious twist but it was good to see the fear and grovelling when Sansa recited his words back to him.

The Night King on a blue fire breathing zombie dragon looked a bit daggy 70s heavy metal album cover for mine.


Yep, he was pretty far up the ol’ proverbial creek at that point. I liked him getting the “yeah, nah” from the Knights of the Vale honcho.

As we like to say in the Army when someone is feeling a little bit sorry for themselves “If you’re looking for sympathy, you’ll find it in the dictionary somewhere between shi.t and syphilis.”


I think you heard that wrong.
The targaryen conquest was roughly 350 years ago at the start of the series.

Targs are meant to live longer, but basically it’s the same as us, ie Maester Aemon is super old at about 100, Tywin a statesman at roughly 70 when he went, the Lannister twins and N stark and R Baratheon about the same age (40 ish)


About the third scene of the show is a brother and sister rooting, we’ve denoted a few generations of Targ brother/sister rooting, Craester’s “wives” were often his daughters… so… incest, yah reckon?


Just read on one of the GoT insider sites that while a great deal of the wall was demolished a small section remained that looked similar to the section where Tormund & Beric were last seen scampering towards …So :crossed_fingers:


I’ll be urined if he isn’t undead.


The writers are definitely leaving it open for them to be alive, by not directly showing their demise. They’d be handy characters for the final season.


Couldn’t give a fat rat’s about Beric, but Tormund is one of the best characters in the show.



ginger giant p0rnn


I wonder how much they make through subscriptions and selling it o/s

I reckon they would make more money if they made 3 movies of 2 episodes each and showed them as block buster releases over the course of the year. They’d make $10 billion easy world wide and could then sell it off as a series in 2020 anyway. Guess it will depend what their contracts say with foxtel and the like.

Farking awesome episode by the way


If they don’t do that for the last two episodes they’re fools to themselves.
I’ve seen two Doctor Who episodes at the cinema, ffs…


He didn’t deny the charges, by pleading for mercy he had basically confessed. The penalty for treason is death and it ain’t the real so he best just suck it up.

Hope someone remembered to burn him…


The wait for Season 8 is on now.


Am I the only one who keeps getting mixed up between Gendry and Podrick?


Bran has said multiple times he can’t control and order his power very well yet. I’ve always felt that visions were targeted by someone he held an emotional connection to (ned, hodor)or he was led by the original raven (first children vision).

He’d probably not thought to look for the wedding because it wasn’t relevant to him but he’s heard the story of his father besting the best sword in Westeros (Arthur Duwayne kings guard) thousands of times so his subconscious just took him straight there and in following that vision he found it about John


I interpreted the scene between them in the last episode when Arya handed Sansa the knife as Arya saying your the lady of Winterfell and I’m a mega super bad ■■■■ assassin so who do want me to kill.