Game of Thrones TV show mega thread

Holy crap: no edits, and it syncs lyrics with visuals so well.

Ha ha. Nice work, you scruffy-looking Nerf Herder.

My left field theory:

The Hound (‘younger brother’ of Mountain) kills Cersei, Mountain kills Hound, Jaime kills Mountain. (Alternative: Daario (‘Second sons’ (or ‘younger brothers’)) makes a late appearance to bolster Dany’s army and kills Cersei).

Arya kills Dany (‘green eyes’)… and if it is to be a predictable happy ending, Jon gets the iron throne. If it is to be more of a GRR ending, Dany kills Jon (after Tyrion lets the cat out of the bag that he knows about Jon’s parentage) before Arya kills Dany and we end, up with… King Gendry, first of his name… or maybe King Samwell?!!

I also wouldn’t at all be surprised (though really annoyed) if Cersei outlasts them all and the final shot in GoT is Cersei on the iron throne sitting among the ashes with Jaime by her side as Hand.

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I don’t reckon there will be any genuine left-field.

As long as Cersei and Euron die painful deaths, I’ll be OK with that. And Brienne to wipe the floor with Jamie for dumping her straight after her first root, pausing only for a quick zuffel.


Greyworm to behead the Mountain

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That’s the gate/desert hidden behind the trees on the LHS of the first photo.


There was a time lapse between when the two photos were taken and all the trees died due to global warming/dragon fire.



Hope Varys takes the throne now.

One issue with that is who will his heirs be?

Democratic election?

That will never work for Westeros. They would end up with someone batshit crazy like Trump in charge.

I think that’s very funny, but at the same time unfair.
I’m sure we’d have preferred ten or even more seasons to get us to this point, but just keeping the cast together has to be an issue.

We’re getting an ending.
It’s been plotted.
I’m getting kinda tired of hearing what other people would do with unlimited time and budget.

Oh, and ridiculously detailed novels to draw from.


My heart bleeds for you.

As mine does for you.
You could just stop watching, if you feel that badly about it.

Yeah, nah. I’m quite happy watching the show then bagging it out. Especially if it gives someone an opportunity to pompously tell others what they’re ‘tired’ of. Win-win :+1:

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Cool cool.
If it’s pompous to be tired of people bagging stuff out while Not Missing A Second, then I’ll wear that.


The series is playing out like the soccer world cup. The first few seasons were like the qualifications, then the group knockout stages (Freys/Dorne/Highgarden/Sparrows/etc), and now it’s just major players getting knocked out daily.

Gonna be some serious bloodshed and heartache in the last eps, so much it will be hard to recall who dies how.

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I don’t think anyone major has been knocked out in ages.

Maybe little finger last season.