Game of Thrones TV show mega thread

The Dany snap was explained by directors etc. As stated, she had wanted to go psycho before and been talked out of it. She then had the realisation that there was no love for her, Jon couldn’t return her love so all she had left to rule with was fear.

Then she had the moment when she parked the dragon and was looking at the red keep, everything came flooding back, her family had built it, everything had been taken away from her by these people, etc etc , full retard beserker mode activated.

I liked the overall theme of the episode, the kinda bleakness from un needed slaughter, but wasn’t overly impressed with the things that others have already mentioned.

Bring on next week so we can see what happens…


It didn’t help that the line explaining that was the least comprehensible of the episode. Had to replay it six or seven times before I worked out what she said!


The two actors have zero chemistry with each other, which doesn’t help. You can’t force that stuff.


Buffy would be ashamed of you.

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Oh, and Bron for king!

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Wow, that episode was like 5 levels of goryness and dread turned up! It was a throwback to earlier seasons, and as someone mentioned, this turn of the story feels much more like what GRR Martin would have intended. I like it a lot actually, it’s clearing the path for Jon and Tyrion to turn against her so that Jon can ascend to the Iron Throne.

I’m not surprised by this, it has always been hinted at in previous seasons (her butchering of the slavers, burning of the Tarlys, her vision of a ruined Red Keep in Season 1 House of the Undying).

My two complaints about the episode are:

  1. The Scorpions were uber weapons in the previous episode and now totally useless, as they should have been. Euron’s fleet were easily decimated this time, as they should have been. Both make the previous episode killing of Rhaegal totally stupid, like many people have complained. Why, why?

  2. Drogon was on full show tonight and she made perfect use of her dragon in destroying everything… but she could have gone straight to the Red Keep first and destroyed Cercei in it. What a wasted opportunity.

Let’s see whether it’s Jon, Tyrion or Arya that takes her down next week, can’t wait!


Also Cleganebowl was great, kinda expected that the Hound wouldn’t be able to best The Mountain since he is stronger and well… undead after all. I almost thought the Mountain was going to do another Viper head crush, but it was a fitting end to the fight.


I look forward to FuriousGeorge’s battle tactics analysis after every GoT battle. Better than the show itself.


Totally agree! I wasn’t sure what she had said until I watched that Thrones 360 show. When I had IQ2, I used to put the subtitles on for those unintelligible moments, but it seems you can’t do it with IQ4. (or at least, I haven’t learned how to do it yet)

At the point where the bells were ringing and Dany was looking over Kings Landing, we were obviously supposed to think/hope the battle was over and I just thought she was going to go that bit extra and fly over and torch Cersei… but not the carnage that ensued. I reckon they needed one extra thing to have happened to push her over the edge towards going full psychopath. Seemed a liitle premature.

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Theory flying around that the scene with Varys and the little girl at the start was him trying to poison Dany and that similar had happened with wine at the feast.

Could see her going the way of the mad king and was trying to intervene, moreso once he knew there was a true heir.

He has sent ravens so I expect we will see some new characters in the next episode

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The new Prince of Dorne?
The Fresh Prince of Bel Air?

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I’ve rewatched it this morning.

I retract my comments about hating the episode. The episode is actually rather fantastic, in fact 40 mins in and it’s as good as GOT gets. But oh gosh that ‘Genoicide Queen turn,’ I do still hate that. Maybe even more on the second watch, but I’ve said my bit on that. I don’t like it, I never will, but onwards to the finale.

Some positives:

  • Emilia Clarke’s acting in those early scenes is absolutely top shelf. In fact, all the actors really brought it this episode.
  • When the dragon comes out of the darkness to kill Varys… That looked friggin cool.
  • The battle scenes are ferocious, especially after Dany calls ‘game on.’ Limbs getting chopped off, sword through the head… Graphic stuff.
  • As a spectacle, this whole episode is incredible television.
  • Cleganebowl was good. Sandor throwing them both into the flames was perfect. Man, I thought my brother annoyed me.

And, Ayra’s horse at the end, appears to be the one the leader of the Golden Company was on. Not sure what that means, maybe it’s really jaqen h’ghar’s horse? Maybe the horse itself is jaqen h’ghar? Or maybe the horse is no-one?


Glad your liking it now.

The horse is the symbol for death, or that’s what most are interpreting it as.

“And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him“


Well, I’m choosing to suppress something that greatly annoys me for the sake of enjoying a show that I love. (It still annoys me though, damn.)

Yeah I get the symbolism of the horse, just thought it was interesting that it appears to be the horse the golden company rode in on.

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I really enjoyed it. Didn’t see the whole destroy Kings Landing thing coming. I can understand that Dany flipped- she’d basically lost all she loved & knew they’d never love her.
Do we presume Jamie & Cersei are dead???
God I hope Arya survives.
Big one next week!! I’m sure there’ll be a surprise or 2!

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Oh, and the scene where Ayra is covered in ash, with blood splats across her face, and she’s running away from the falling bell tower… That’s art.


now you’re just sucking up!


It could even be a horse!


I’m like Dany.

I just wanna be loved.

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