Game of Thrones TV show mega thread

“Cersei is mad! She’s crazy! She’s a tyrant! The worst things she’s ever done are for her kids!”

“PLEASE DON’T LET ME DIE I DON’T WANNA DIE!!!” is crushed by rocks in some basement


There’s a few of us that share that hope.

People have probably already made this observation long before me, but it’s really struck me this season how GOT really is a story about (if you’ll forgive the phrase) the 1%, and this episode turned that up to eleven.
I wonder if that was a deliberate thing on the makers part.

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Sounds like @Paul_Peos is upset that the GOT writers didnt have a Plan B?

Davos plays the David Myers role to perfection.

Missing fingers, protects the kids and somehow he’s the last man standing.


Prediction: Gendry - who is arguably from the 1% - ends up on the throne.

He got made legit last week. It’s a commentary on how by being the only one to not play the game he comes out the ultimate winner.

Essendon also attempting this tactic.

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I have my own idea about how this ends, and I don’t want to put in any potential spoilers no matter how inaccurate they turn out to be.
But I think, as others have noted, that we’re getting the Martin ending even if how we got there might not have been what he had in mind.
And to me his thoughts were on the praticalities of taking and keeping power. So for that reason I can’t see it being Gendry or anyone like him.

  • Kills lords who wouldn’t kneel
  • Kills slave owners
  • Kills her captors
  • Kills thousands of innocent people in a sociopathic mass murder spree.

See, I kinda feel that one of those is a bit different to the others, but obviously I’m in the minority.


It’s either Danny or Jon, not enough time for anything else.

Even if it’s Jon by killing Danny, that would top the complaints this week about being rushed.

One episode to wrap everything up and say farewells.

My guess is we saw the ending this week. Danny won and next week is just the aftermath.

You might be right.
That’s…generally how most novels/sagas go. The end and then the epilogue.
But the Starks may still have a part to play, and if they did then I wouldn’t think Jon reacting would be rushed or out of character.

I do wonder if they are trying to mirror Robert’s Rebellion: led by Gendry Baretheon and the Stark kids, with a bit of help from Tyrion Lannister, they overthrow the mad targaryen monarch.

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Also, it’s been so many years now, why can I still not spell Targaryen without looking it up?

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hahaha legit,
I dont see why people think she is doing more of the same.

Let’s not forget that Grey Worm went full psycho too. Those soldiers had already surrendered.

Jon and Tyrion will have to take out Dany next week, but do do that, they would need to go through Grey Worm and somehow Drogon too.

And they get to convince the standing army that they’re all now on the victor’s side.
I have some far-fetched ideas about this, but it seems very unlikely.

Staying away from the ending though, what happens to the world bank?
They’ve backed a lot of losers over the last few years.

I kind of get it with Grey Worm.

It’s not easy for a dickless man to find love.


This is actually a pretty decent attempt and a logical justification for that episode, much better than what the actual writers have offered up

My main gripe is that the season feels rushed and has tried to create a red wedding surprise without building up to it.

As far as I’m aware what is in the show will eventually be in the books (just may not be the same characters carrying out the events) but I’m sure Martin will set it up so much better than the TV show.

I would have moved the Winterfell battle to the end of the last season.
If the ‘mad queen’ thing was to occur, they needed to do it across a season gradually rather than across two longer than normal episodes. From what I recall of the earlier seasons, Dany always gave innocent people a chance to join her or die. She didn’t do that this time.

The battle scenes were top notch. I liked Clegane Bowl and think that the imagery around that fight is easily ‘poster worthy’.

The dragon going nuts on the city was well done.

Yes, there are plot holes, but I’m sure if I went through the earlier seasons, I’d find plot holes too.