Game of Thrones TV show mega thread

a royal commission?


I thought half the point of GoT was to demonstrate how cheap and dispensable life is?
Would you have preferred she went down like this?

Whilst I don’t disagree with the overall statement it was not just some basement - it was a basement covered in dragon bones. Therefore there is plenty of symbolism given a live dragon was responsible for Cersei’s death. While the person who killed the last Targaryen King - Jamie - also mets the same end.

I think Jon, Bran, Tyrion, Sam Tarley and Sansa get tried and/or executed for treason next episode.

Brienn dies defending Sansa.

Bron plays some sort of role. Maybe he kills grey worm in a trial by combat for Tyrion so that he can get his caravan of gold. So does Jaqen- maybe helping Arya take out Dany

Anyway I expect heaps more deaths and an uncomfortable ending.

That’s the best bit though… 10 years in, one episode left, and nobody knows what’s going to happen!!!


Pfft. I won’t consider them dead until we’ve seen the bodies.

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I think jon will kill Dany and in turn be killed. That only leaves one other to sit on the throne. Gendry. His queen - Sansa. Ties back to Baratheon in the south and stark in the north.

Good luck finding those bodies under that pile of rubble.

Can I suggest that you turn off auto-correct? Predictive text is fine, but ■■■■ auto-correct.

Bugger…now you’ve corrected it, but it said “Boise sunset” instead of “bodies under”. Don’t I look stupid?

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I reckon Bran still has a role to play here… maybe he wargs into Drogon and takes control of him to save Jon, Tyrion et al from Dany?

Gut feeling - I don’t think either Jon or Dany will be on the throne. Dany will almost certainly die. Probably not by Arya’s hand though, who I think is finding her ‘humanity’ again and maybe wants to write her own destiny rather than be the instrument of Melisandre’s ‘prophecy’. Maybe Jon and/or Tyrion Kill Dany.

I really can’t work out who might be king/queen. Gendry doesn’t ‘feel’ right to me, Jon won’t take it (and may die anyway), the people probably wouldn’t accept Tyrion, Sansa seems only interested in the North. Could it be someone like Sam maybe?

Cersei’s death was everything that no one wanted.

Jamie’s arc went full circle.

Arya being one of those fleeing Dany was perfect to highlight the horror - without her in it, would it have been such a big deal for Dany to raze Kings Landing?

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I really liked this.

Famously Lord of the rings is supposed to be born of the experience of WW2. We know George Martin holds LoTR in the highest regard. I think this ending is a nod to LoTR but taken to a more brutal modern war outcome. Because that’s what modern warfare in Iraq or Syria is doing, totally flattening and obliterating whole cities.

If you think Dany is a physocpath, it’s happening in real life, it’s not fantasy.

Not trying to be a ■■■■■■, but Tolkien’s experiences were in the trenches of the Western Front in WW1.

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Is Azor Ahai / prince that was promised a dead plot line or will he pop up in the last episode to kill Drogon / Dany?

Jon certainly doesn’t want it, but I reckon he was starting to think he will need to step up for the good of the people after Dany went all nutsballs bananas.

He didn’t want to be King in the North either, but he did it when he was pressed to it.


Yeah, i reckon Jon will end up taking it.


What if Dany just leaves.

She’s got revenge for her family.

Just sails back to her other cities.

Good point.

I’m with you, wssnt a fan. The way Cersei and Jamie died was poor, one needed to be executed.
And burning the city down after the bells rang out was crap, regardless of weather it was a real surrender or a fake one.

If either of the stark girls kills Dany now it will probably save it.