Game of Thrones TV show mega thread

I think Jon will take it, as he has seen to be the compassionate one.

Kinda think the episode sucked, but liked what happened, they just needed to do it better.

Is there anything more obvious than the “new” capital being winterfell and Sansa sitting on the throne?

What role will Yara play in the last episode, or has she exited the stage like Tormund?

Seemed rushed. Surely they could have done it so Cersei was captured and brought to account.

Dany has the green eyes.

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Yep, rushed is the perfect word.

I get why Dany turned but that could’ve/should’ve been a slow burn.

She’s never been a ruler of “free” people. The only people that loved her have been slaves that she has released, and even then, all the free people hated her. She is foreign to Westeros and was finding out that nobody there liked her. After the Night King victory she celebrated alone, and now she’s lost Jon Snow. So she snapped.

But she’s also stubborn and spent her whole life trying to reclaim Kings Landing. To go blow it up because a boy didn’t like her back and she was betrayed is ridiculous. She has been betrayed many times and already lost her first, and more important love.

Have her take control, not be loved, not find what she was looking for and THEN go mad. They’ve just crammed so much in the space of 30 minutes for the purpose of putting a bow on things.


You could tell what he was thinking in all the shitstorm. It’s basically Q4 vs West Coast 2004 all over again.

I dunno - she felt threatened and went mad like her family before her. Not a stretch i don’t think.


A more fitting ending for Cersei would have been Drogon breathing fire on the Red Keep and melting the whole place down on her while she was trying to escape her spot on the balcony.

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I didn’t mind the Cersei/Jaime ending. They began life alone together and died the same way, in each other’s arms. Cersei finally showed some humanity - even if only for herself and her baby… and the ‘whole world crashing in around her and eventually crushing her’ scenario was both literal and figurative.


The first scene in the final episode will be Cersei’s baby crawling out from under the rubble.

You heard it here first.


As long as the last scene isn’t a horror movie trope, where they cut to north of the wall to show a walker, the score goes all out on the strings and fade to black(or white).

I’ll spew.

What is fantastic & amazing is that we really don’t know how it will end. Very impressed that so many people have kept it a secret.
Can’t wait, but don’t want it all to be over.

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The night prince?

Can Dani and Drogon pay a visit to Tullamarine this September?


I wanna see sansa come from the clouds (figuratively) and take the throne

While everyone is on holidays?

My prediction

Dany: Drogo fry that traitorous ■■■■■■■ Jon Snow
Drogo: looks at Jon
Jon: looks at Drogo
Drogo: turns to Dany and incinerates her
Everyone: Drogo recognizes Jon as the rightful king!
Jon: Well if a dragon thinks I’ve got the makings of a politician, that’s good enough for me.
Everyone: Hail King Jon!


The biggest failure of this season is believing you could cram the final two books of a saga into 3 episodes apiece whilst still maintaining the pacing, subtlety and clever writing that are the hallmarks of the series.

and Cersei did about as much during the battle as Worsfold does on match day, which was a thoroughly disappointing end to her character.


It’s Drogon, not Drogo.
If Drogo did it, that would be a neat trick!

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