Game of Thrones TV show mega thread

I’d like to revisit the ending theories from the last few weeks after the final episode next week.
Would make an interesting comparison.

My take on a few things.

Cersei. Her death and the actions leading up to it were consistent with her character. She was happy for the entire city to fight and die for her. When the bells started ringing she knew that the bodies between her and the enemy were no longer going to die for her and it was time to leave.

Dany. Everyone complains that she went mad too quickly. There is an element of blood lust happening here, not just plain old batshit crazy. She has just flown around incinerating her enemy at every turn, savouring the power she is wielding. She pauses when all the Scorpions have been destroyed to give Drogon just a short rest before continuing on with the destruction of King’s Landing when she hears the bells start ringing. In her blood lust the idea of Cersei escaping her grasp finally becomes reality and after everything else, that combination of anguish, loss and blood lust finally tips her wholly over the edge.

Jaime. As others have said, we have come full circle. The first genuine act of cruelty as opposed to violence, was Jaime throwing Bran out the window for Cersei, for love. Where else could he be at the end. He was stabbed by a dagger twice and was probably dying anyway, but the assumption that he would have been dead there and then after the stabbing is like the fallacy that you absolutely die if you get shot. Miss any vital organs and your biggest issue is bleeding to death. Staunch the flow and you can keep going for a while. As for their deaths, what symbolises their loss more than the walls literally falling down around them?

Jon, he really is clueless and is suffering the same malady as inflicted his uncle, unbending honour. He knows what is the right thing to do is, but his honour just won’t allow him to do it.

Varys for me was the hero of the day. He was prepared to sacrifice everything for the good of the people, forget the rich ■■■■■■. And he faced his death on his feet more bravely than many a soldier on the field. Pity, he would have made a great king.

Arya. The cinematography around her character in this episode was incredible. Yes there is this idea creeping in that she is invincible but the blood and dust and fire and rubble, the dead and the living is just so powerful. As someone else said, an absolute work of art.

I don’t see Grey Worm as having lost it so much as simply fighting on because his Queen is.

Loved the episode and hate that there is only one to go. What does the last episode hold? 8 seasons, 10 years and 10 thousand theories later, we find out on Monday. Let’s hope it is a worthy finish to what is arguably the greatest tv show of all time.


Great write up @Lifetime_ban


I want Tormund to come back and take the throne…and then $hit on it.


if tormund drinks dragon milk, will he spew fire too?

Everyone starts fighting everyone & ultimately its Bron (distinctly absent this episode) left standing to take the throne by “killing every last f%cker”

He’s probably my favourite character (with Tormund) so I fully expected him to make an appearance at some point of this battle. I reckon they’ve been really sowing the plot of him becoming a major power player especially when he talked about how the great houses were started by someone who was good at killing people. He wanted Highgarden but why not go for the big chair? Thats my long shot.

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Very well done, I needed a laugh!

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Well I’m up to date and the latest was a cracker. There were a few bits that were a bit of a let down but overall I’m pretty pumped to see how it ends up.

I reckon they could have done a lot more in the Dany/Greyworm scene to explain where their heads were at. Greyworm is her last trusted adviser and the closest thing to a friend that she has left, so she could have used him as a sounding board and given some insight into what was bouncing around in her head, Greyworm’s response would have been one of an angry grieving warrior itching for blood. It also could have highlighted just how big of a loss Missandei and Jorah were.

I feel most of the hate toward Mad Dany is because they were trying to be subtle but they didn’t have enough episodes to lay the proper groundwork and establish credibility for her decent.

It’ll be interesting to see how Dany herself responds to her blood lust, I hope they don’t just leave her a moustache twirling villianess and we see her battling with the guilt and shame of becoming the Queen of Ashes.

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Not everyone enjoyed this latest episode.

I haven’t seen any of Season 8 as yet, so no comment.

Gott BLITZmeme the ■■■■ outta that

Saw a 30min Behind the Scenes special on HBO. The planning that went into this one episode puts things in perspective (given they needed 55 nights to shoot the Battle of Winterfell). The team (led by an Aussie female designer unless my accent-recognition is off) created 17 blocks of Dubrovnik-like city in a Dublin parking lot. From scratch! They actually created the ‘burnt’ out, destroyed shell first (so it was ready) and then the unspoiled version on top.

Even the cast had no idea that the ‘destroyed’ city was underneath the unspoiled one!

The number of cameras, extras on fire, and synchronized shots that went in to this is unbelievable.

In a past life I worked in advertising and was on 10-12 shoots a year. It made me into bit of a shoot geek. I can’t even imagine how much this one episode cost. By my estimate it would be in the $15 Million plus range at a minimum.


Belfast, I believe.

Right you are. Ugh. That is a very politically incorrect mistake :frowning:

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Been thinking re Dany and her anger/madness, Missandei’s last word was Dracarys.

Both Dany and Greyworm loved her, so Dracarys is exactly what Dany did.


guys and girls, hang on a minute, i just realised something…

this is going to be the last episode ever. NOOOOOOOOOOO


Sad isn’t it, like losing a part of yourself.

I wonder if anyone stopped watching at any time, you know when sometimes when you watch a series you opt out coz it’s gone on forever. Don’t know anyone who has opted out of GOT.


Littlefinger sitting on the throne is the only satisfactory ending that can be accepted