Game of Thrones TV show mega thread


On the way over to Westeros.


Yes the wall was destroyed at East Watch which is by the coast not at Castle Black where we saw Jon in the final episode.


Im not sure. Just had another watch and am not sure of the scene.


It was a couple of episodes ago.



Could never get into this show. Or Breaking Bad. Looks like it has a lot of fans here on Blitz. Now that I’ve read how it ends, not sure it’s worth watching.


Ok. Let’s start with the Mother of Dragons.

I would have given her a more spectacular death. Something like her riding Drogon and Jon Snow shooting a massive scorpion arrow through both Drogon and her head in on shot. This would then start an all out war between the Starks and Dany’s army.

Or if we keep her same death, Drogon should have torched Jon, only to find that Jon can’t be torched because he is Targarian. Jon would then tame the dragon and burn Dany’s Army. He would also somehow die.

Or, Dany turns on Jon, ordering Drogon to torch him whilst she is sitting on the throne. Drogon sences her evil and burns her on the throne. As she doesn’t burn, water is then spayed on her leaving her stuck within the throne screaming in pain. Drogon then kills her army. Jon is left there jerking off!

I came up with 3 better endings than the writers in literally 5 min.

Your welcome!


They all suck. Try harder.


You suck. You try harder.


See, no matter how lame or awesome the storyline you create, you’ll never be able to please all the fans all the time!


I didn’t realize that I had fans. But thanks.


You don’t, but GOT does.







But seriously, you can get into it. While you probably know the ending now there is so much that happens you’ll be hooked. Get into it


Thinking about it again, it’s just too rushed.

Arya spends a season with the faceless man and uses, what, once? Twice?

Jon is the rightful heir, so he shouldn’t have been exiled for the murder of the fake queen.

And I didnt like the way she was killed, happened too early in the show and nothing came from it.

Bran? Yeah nah, wasn’t in it enough to justify the crown.


If Drogon tried to torch Jon after Dany’s death, which was a close thing to happening, and he didn’t burn, it would have given substance to his claim to the throne and made his survival more credible.

The ending felt more like a further set up than a finale to me.


Anyone notice the poster from season one?


The pacing of the season would really help reduce the fury.
The main stuff matches what Martin wanted in the books. It’s mainly the way they got there that is the issue.

Given it was one season of 7 episodes, I would have moved the Winterfell war to episode 2.
Shifted the Kingslanding battle to episode 4.
Then the Dany killing to episode 6.

I would have removed the Jamie Brienne part of the story.
He should have just fled Winterfell and gone straight to Kingslanding. If we really needed the Missandei killing, then he kidnaps her on the way out.
The second dragon should have died in the Winterfell battle.
If they wanted the Jamie v Euron fight, then they could have done it.
Dany going mad would have started earlier and the rage within her could be built up through the episodes through discussions with Tyrion and Jon.
Jon killing Dany could have been stretched out so it shows him agonising over what he was going to do.
Arya didn’t need to go with the Hound unless she ends up getting to Cersei and at least attempting to kill her. She just joins Jon in his travel to Kingslanding.
Her running out of the city as Dany was taking out innocents didn’t need to be so long.
Through the season, they focus more on Bran and what he is and what he’s capable of as well as his motives so that him being King can be setup a lot better.
They needed to deal with the aftermatch of Jon killing Dany better than just skip 3 months down the track.
I wouldn’t have bothered with the Varys plot to kill Dany.

One season is still tough to fit those story lines into it, regardless of how long the episodes are. It needed three seasons to close the plot lines well and allow the discussions between characters to build up the drama through to the key plot points.

Instead we end up with ‘shock tactic’ pacing where things seems all of a sudden because there isn’t enough time to lead up to the event.


What’s the poster showing. I don’t get it.


It’s Ned Stark.

Is it meant to show a Stark will end up on the throne ?