Game of Thrones TV show mega thread


How many times did she go faceless? Was it twice? I definitely remember one, trying to think of the other time.

Maybe the story to her was that she spent so much time trying to get revenge that when she met up again with the hound he was able to convince her not to waste her life getting revenge.


The faceless man also taught Ayra how to sneak up on things. This was shown a number of times in the last season - most notably on the Night King.


I was hoping that when Daenerys tried to burn the night king and he walked straight out from it, they would make it so he is actually part Targaryen.



One revenging the death of Rob Stark, another was killing the guy (cant remember his name) who liked hurting little girls.




Ser Meryn Trant


Thanks. OZzyman review is fantastic and spot on.


Had a few laughs at this one.


I started watching CNN’s decade series The 2000s last night. Ep 1 was all about TV and the great TV series that started - starting from HBO - where they particularly emphasised the last episodes and how a bad ending would damage or wreck’s the show’s entire reputation.

Dexter was a shocker, but they talked about the Sopranos. The show runners thought it was a brilliant ending and were shocked that it got such a negative reaction. I thought Lost had a good ending…just too many poor intermediate series.

Like GOT, they left it without the final killing scenes that so many expected. I think GOT will cop the same fate. But anyway, I liked the ending and I think it’s one of the best TV shows I’ve ever seen.


I thought the pacing of the whole last series sucked. The last ep was just a neat little bow, I didn’t think much of it made much sense.


Yep I liked it too.

A lot of the “alternate” endings wouldn’t have given any closure (e.g. Jon riding Drogon and becoming King which he didn’t want), or would have been too happy ending (Jon & Dany co-ruling) which isn’t what the show promised.

And people have to remember that this was always an unpredictable fantasy, but not a fantasy in the usual sense. Many deaths weren’t glorious, the surprise/unknown royal bloodline didn’t predict the outcome, not all prophecies eventuated, people or power wasn’t pure good or pure evil, characters were flawed and multi-dimensional.

Sometimes I wonder if a lot of the hate has been led by know-it-all youtubers who just try and make a living out of being smarter than everyone else, and like footy journos they have to have a controversial headline.

The whole series has been “unrealistic”, people arguing about how smart Drogon was (and his views on hereditary monarchies) is a testament to how good the show was, yet those same people are claiming the show was terrible. The writers didn’t HAVE to put Drogon it that scene, but they did and I’m grateful.


.Which ones didn’t pan out?


All hail his grace Ser Daniher the Broken, first of his name, ruler of the kingdom of Osteitis.

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You could argue that the valonqar prophecy (not mentioned in tv show, but was the 3rd prophecy given to Cersei by Maggy the Frog) was fulfilled because the little brother (Jaime) wrapped his hands (one real, one prosthetic) around Cersei’s throat and then the life was ‘choked’ out of her by the debris falling on her.

Similarly, you could argue that the Prince that was Promised prophecy was almost fulfilled:

  • Jon was ‘born again’ when Melisandre asked the Lord of Light to bring him back to life
  • Jon was ‘reborn’ as the people’s saviour amid the smoke (Kings Landing fires) and salt (sinking of Greyjoy fleet in salt water harbour??) when he realised he had to kill Dany (defeat the ‘darkness’)
  • Jon plunged his sword (actually a dagger) into the heart of his beloved (OK, it wasn’t his wife and it didn’t unleash the powers of Lightbringer, but what the hell)

Or, I could be talking utter rubbish. A lot of long bows in there.


The Sopranos ending I think is the best in the history of television, clearly.

I can’t even comprehend the balls it must have taken to do that. Can’t imagine a TV series now, despite the advancements in quality, would even contemplate doing something so bold.


To get revenge on Walder Frey, she actually became faceless twice. The first time as a serving girl/daughter when she slit his throat, and the other when she poisoned all the Frey males. Plus Ser Meryn Trant, the King’s guard croney who betrayed Ned Stark in season one, mentioned above.


Crap ending. Still the best show ever.


Re: Drogon
I’m kind of surprised I haven’t seen anyone else that had the same read as me.
Maybe my read is stupid, or maybe I haven’t looked hard enough.

But anyway, it’s

Drogon is really, really, really mad.
Just enraged. And what he wants to do more than anything else is burn Jon to a crisp.
But, oh wait.
He’s the last surviving Targaryen.
He doesn’t know that the Iron Throne symbolises everything that messed his mum up and ended up being the death of her. Come on, he’s a dragon.
But he knows That.
So rather than dracarys Jon, which he really, really wants to do, just…so friggin’ much, he burns every other thing in the friggin’ room that is not Jon in a fit of rage and grief.



Maybe he also knew Jon wouldn’t burn…