Game of Thrones TV show mega thread



Also, coulda just et’im.


Six Feet Under, Breaking Bad, Mad Men all had great endings too. Agreed, The Sopranos was just sensational.


Just caught up on iTunes.
It was a good series.
But yeh war with night king too many people surviv d too easily when they should have been turned after getting mauled.

Glad Varys got torched
And Sansa kept north
Would have liked To see Tyrion executed by dany for his treasons.

But bran on the iron throne (or what’s left of it) a bit meh

Cersei deserved to be executed.

Mountain and hound battle was ok. Thought it deserved its own battle though.
Would have been nice if hound/ Arya got their first before the battle started.
And then dany torched the city anyway.

I would have had dany killing Jon.

But with Jon killing dany and being the only person who can ride a dragon now at the wall.
It feels a bit lame.

Would have been cool if unsullied leader tried to kill Jon by fire. Then he survives. And all the Dothraki and unsullied choose to follow him etc instead.


You would have had…

Glad to see you got the job as show runner/screenwriter.


Thank you, Master of Grammar.


Can’t wait to see what these two can do with their StarWars saga.

I don’t know if I’m being sarcastic or not.


Imagine already having the internet fans off side before making Star Wars.


At least everyone will have low expectations.

I would love to see some Star Wars battles handled like the magnificent battles in GoT.

Let’s just hope that they actually plan out their saga before they start filming.


Star Wars has travel at light speed to that will help them.


Would have helped them get from Winterfell to King’s Landing toot sweet.


They spent like 3 season on the faceless assassin for aryna and what was the point ?

I thought the torching of king’s landing was dumb. Drogon takes out a fleet, wall defence and the whole city in no time. if the Dragan was smart wouldn’t it hold up on torching kids. Would of prefered the unsullied to go scorched earth on the women and children.


She got that universes big bad evil.


Dys got a guest appearance in got.


watched the first few episodes of series one today, having never seen a minute. looks like we’ve some catching up to do… lol


Unsullied wouldn’t put innocents to the sword unless ordered to, and its kind of hard for them to go on a raping spree. The Dothraki on the other hand are all about that life.

Cersei should have booby trapped city with wildfire knowing that she could either light it up to take out her enemies or that Dany could set it off and become the accidental villain.

Dany being seen to torch most of the city, combined with letting the Dothraki loose in westeros would guarantee that she would be a hated queen, something that wouldn’t sit well with her and could have made her go all Richard the Third and become determined to prove the villain.


I think she did! Didn’t you see all those bright green explosions every now and then when Drogon was torching the place?


Don’t bother. I find that a poor ending can ruin the whole series.


Do bother. You’ll enjoy it.

Rosso is lid on, I’m lid off.


It sounded like those were left over from Mad King Aerys day.


Aside from that battle at king’s landing, I was impressed with the last season.

I have thought about it over the last few days, the only thing missing was a character you can wish on to get killed (previously king Joffrey etc)

The writer’s were up against it, it’s like taking a Ferrari for a drive, love the handling but overall hate it because the carpet in the boot looks funny.

What an amazing series, I would love to watch it again on day, if I have time.

Appreciate greatness here.

Also try and watch behind the scenes stuff, for alot of the actors it was their first gig :hushed: