Game of Thrones TV show mega thread


I can thoroughly recommend Game of Thrones : The Last Watch. Two hour behind the scenes “Making Of” documentary of the last season. Was on Foxtel today at normal GoT time.

Amazing what goes on behind the staging of this colossal show.


Just re watched the battle of the bastards in s06

Better than I first remembered, amazing.

No wonder I felt down by the battles in s08, how do you top that?


Genuine question…can you think of the last time you posted anything remotely positive?


Yep…just finished watching it…I really enjoyed the way it showed how it impacted the crew and the extras…even the food van lady got a gig :slight_smile:


It’s like Hardhome in season 5. The tension and mayhem created in the wights arriving and the Night King reviving the dead just couldn’t be matched in this season’s Winterfell battle.



l have watched it twice and like it the most of any of the battle scenes. The camera angle of the Bolton forces charging directly at John standing alone on the ground still astounds, the most memorable image of the entire story for me. Ten his cavalry arrives and chaos ensues. things look bleak for our hero and then in the best Hollywood tradition, the cavalry arrives.


Genuine question, do you actually believe tha question?


Yes…I do

I struggle to remember reading a positive post from you.

Maybe I just haven’t been in the right threads.


Stay out if the review threads and Woosha threads.

I really liked GoT, not as much as Breaking Bad though. But the ending was pretty average, especially compared to that of BB and to an extent Sopranos.


Fair enough…I probably overreacted to your GoT comment in response to Sal.

I had no problem with the way it ended and think that is easily the best show I’ve ever watched.



That is freaking awesome! :clap:t6:


l have now watched the first 3 episodes of Season 8. Under whelmed so far. The forst two were too much calm before the storm, Avengers assemble. No real twists, or turns, just everyone slapping each other on the back. The Battle for Winterfell was a little too long and drawn out., but it was saved to some extent by the music at the end end when the night king approaches Bran, if that is classical music then call me a fan, it captured the mood and then built on the tension beautifully.


Very Xanadu


Finished season 3.

I’m not sure I can continue. Beautiful women, yes. Political intrigue, cool. Killing off every character, fine.

But I don’t deal well with outright cruelty and torture. All series 3 did was make me tense and unsettled, nowhere near enough lighter moments. Only Arya and whether she slaughters everyone on her ever growing list is of any real interest to me, lol (which is probably counter intuitive).

I think I made a tactical error though, knowing my own personality. I should never have tried to catch up by binge watching it. It’s not good for me. Kinda addictive but not necessarily enjoyable. Others will be fine, of course.


/finally got around to watching the last 2 episodes of season 8 last night. It confirmed a few things/issues l have recently considered. The last 2 seasons have felt a little rushed, l would have preferred them to be full seasons.

The descent of Danny needed to be develped more over previous seasons. She was willing to compromise in earlier seasons, but becomes steadily more bloodthirsty. While you can see what the writers were going for, it still came out a bit contrived, even allowing for the trigger Melisande provided, just before her demise. The Varys twist was necessary. l would also have liked Bran to have played a larger part in the lead up to battle against the Night King. He feels too much like a character of convenience, for the sake of it. l did like the end of the Arya/Hound story. Still not satisfied that Cersei got off so lightly, if ever there was a character undeserving of a noble/sympathetic ending it was she. Still, this whole series has been about not complying with epectations, taking the plot off into different directions, so from that perspective GOT has been consistent. Or maybe l am just ■■■■■■ because l picked Arya to kill her years ago, and had allowed myself to be convinced that she would.

Overall though, the whole series is still the best TV series l have ever seen. A series l will come back to again, in a few years time.


You have not listened to classical music before?


I have, but am not greatly moved by the majority of it. The music throughout GoT l found more appealing. For another eample, the main theme mixes equal parts folk and classic. In the last episode there is a sequence where Ayra approaches a white horse to the tune of a solo violin that was also quite haunting. The music score was just one of the many things this series got so right.


Yes, the GoT music is really excellent, one of the best I’ve heard in a TV show. I have actually downloaded every season’s music available so far, really good to listen to. Overall, I like the first 4 season’s music the most but the best song is actually Light of the Seven - the piano, cello and violin masterpiece that plays in the Season 6 final episode where Cersei gets her revenge on the High Sparrow and Margaery.