Game of Thrones TV show mega thread

Will be honest an say I have not really taken much notice of the music in GOT, apart from the opening score, which I love.

When I watch again will definitely have to take notice.

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Emilia Clarke said she was shocked when she read the last episode, and spent a lot of time crying. Then when they did the read-through together, Kit Harington cried throughout.

She’d known Dany would never go off and live happily ever after, but was still shocked.

This is exactly how i did the spoiler tags last time, but they just didn’t render properly. Something changed.


Deep into Season Six, and I must say the whole Faith Militant thing is just tedious, boring garbage. I haven’t really enjoyed this season overall. Arya storyline is always good, needed more of that. Sansa starting to emerge as an active player. Good. And best of all, The Hound walked back onto stage for us last night. Thank goodness! Easily my favourite character (Arya 2nd) , and I figured he wasn’t dead yet. But all the King’s Landing high sparrow stuff has me envying Oberyns eye gauging fate. I assume Cersei is about to go absolutely bonkers and exterminate half of KL’s population. If so, Just get on with it, girl, kill the flogs and give more screen time to better arcs, lol. Speaking of getting on with it…Dany…you have the only three dragons in the world. How about actually using them!? Ending up back with a Dothraki horde felt cumbersomely done, I’ll be curious to learn if this is a book path or the Tv guys took it in this direction. I assume that the lengths of the books allow far more build up and use of the subtle political games underway that the TV show cannot really clarify, but her travails have lately felt forced and stagnant.

Anyway, we have avoided all spoilers and talk on the show, but I have “cheated” on one aspect. I googled where the show sits in relation to the published books, and it seems the show entered some unpublished ground during this season (6). Makes sense to me , as I feel the writing has dropped off in this season. That said, the little I’ve read of GRRM’s writing (the opening chapters of GOT) didn’t strike me as brilliant, to say the least. No offence meant to Martin fans, and I should probably read the first book in its entirety. Afterall, the opening chapters of TLOTR are in contrast to how the story moved later.


Keep going… the last two episodes of Season 6 are brilliant. I actually think the finale, The Winds of Winter, is the second best episode of TV I’ve ever seen (behind only Breaking Bad’s Ozymandias episode). Let me know what you think when you see it.

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Will do.

Yep, season 6 is a bit of a bore, but damn those last two episodes are just spectacular.


I’ll be honest, if Ramsay meets an appropriately horrendous death, I’ll probably happily forgive the season it’s faults, lol.

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Say what?



That episode takes the sausage.

I thought the High Sparrow was Series 4 or 5. There’s so much more to go.

Not sure exactly when it started. But it feels like forever. Cersei’s nude run was the closer to Season 5. It’d been going for well prior to that, and it’s still going towards end of 6.

Anyway, we’re still hooked and will probably finish #6 this weekend.

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TBH the books need a good slash and burn editing.

There’s a good 3 or 4 characters/storylines that basically have nothing to do with anything (book and TV show)

“A girl now has no name.”

“No. I am Ayra Stark of Winterfell…And I am going home.”

She’s an absolute nutter. Love it.

We’re ready for the two super episodes to close off Season 6.

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Penultimate is the best of the series for mine. Enjoy!


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Oops…was thinking there were 7 series, not 8.

Just finished watching series 6. Last two episodes were indeed very good.


We also finished series 6.

Pretty good episodes to finish.

Bye, Ramsay, Bye.

And I flat out laughed at Arya and the Frey’s pie.


They jumped the effing shark with S8.

No amount of slow mo and moving music will distract from a crap screenplay or add a touch of majestic tragedy.