Game Plan for 2016

The coach talks scoring goals and defending well. A bit of an over simplification. Is Worsfold going to bring in the plan from his West Coast days? Is he going to bring something new?

I like your attention to detail Ivan - changing the spelling of Wirrpanda half way through.

and still didn’t get it right.

flying mother freakin V

handball and chip kicks sideways while opposition flood back into our F50 I imagine.

I like your attention to detail Ivan - changing the spelling of Wirrpanda half way through.

Wirrpanda Glass Waters
Banfield Hunter Selwood

Embley Cousins Stenglein
Cox Kerr Judd

Fletcher Hansen Jones
Chick Lynch Armstrong

Jones Braun Butler Seaby

Basically all the attacking flair in that side came from the midfield and wirrpanda. This side excelled at creating good opportunities for a forward line with average talent. The backline was predominantly focused on winning their position rather than setting up attack (with the possible exception of wirrpanda), they relied more on the midfield dropping back in and running it out. That’s the way i remember it anyway.

Footy has obviously changed a fair bit since 2006. There is more tackling, more numbers at the contest (even more than when Sydney was offending vlad with their style) and teams are setting up behind the ball a little differently with defenders taking up position much higher up the ground.

I don’t really think we can look at last season as a shining example of how we wanted to play. Hird wanted us to play a much more free flowing attacking style of football but we lacked the confidence and players to execute it.

Getting hocking, myers and watson and a ruck division back will obviously have a huge influence to our ability to win contested situations and set the game up from there. We just were not able to control the momentum at all in games this year because we didn’t have the players at the ball capable of dominating contests. The very first game against Sydney is underlines this. We controlled the ball and the game for three quarters but fell away dramatically in the last quarter because half the squad were playing their first game and tired badly.

I think we’ll see some natural evolution in our outside game from colyer, fanta, zerret and laverde who will all benefit greatly from a fit engine room. all things being equal that should lead to more unpressured entries and fewer high bombs from contested situations. That will encourage more leading from our forwards and less retreating to the goal square.

The small forward issue remains perhaps the biggest question for me. I don’t think we have an instinctive front and square cumber on the list but if you look at the WC side they didn’t really either. Perhaps Cooney could fill that role, he certainly showed signs early in the year of being able too. Regardless in the absence of one i think our focus should be on creating space for JD and having a fleet of runners who are working up and back trying to beat their man back to the forward line or if they can’t trapping the ball in when they arrive.

I’d like to see jobe spend more time forward this year which he will be able to if myers is fit.

our backline looks rock solid though Gleeson needs to take another step and it wouldn’t surprise me if worsfold favoured BJ back in his old QB role.

bags hurls gwilt
pig hooker gleeson

stanton hepp laverde
tbell (?) hocking zerret

colyer (mid) Smack fanta(mid)
jobe JD ??? (Connor, JMerret, DEmpsey, Cooney)

myers Bj langford zaha

worsfold might favour another runner over 3 medium tall types though langford shows signs of being more athletically versatile than the other two.

Wow … great thread …

Fark I hate the off season…

Even numbers in our forward line.

Game plan? Yes, we should have one.

the what now

No more of this sit tight and clench… You are spot on Bloodstained Devil…Keep your cards close to your chest…and let everyone squirm !!!

In: More Goals
Out: Less Goals

The new game plan will be heavily dependent on the continued development of JoeyD and composition of the forward line, which was at best makeshift for much of the season.

For every one goal we concede kick 1 goal 1 in reply.

If he is, he won’t be telling every fker about it now will he?

You’ll just have to wait & see like everyone else.

.@AidanTheaker The way the Eagles played in 2011/12 will have aspects that we’ll try to implement.

moar england nice to have

Unpopular theory: JH picked a team basically the exact same shape as the Weagles under Worsfold. Stack the midfield with numbers, win the ball well and defend well, run forward in enough numbers and you’ll score even if the forward line is poxy.

Take out Seaby/Ryder and have Judd/Watson & Kerr/Hocking break down = their 2008-09, our 2015.

handball and chip kicks sideways while opposition flood back into our F50 I imagine.

Big, slow loopy kicks into the 50 hopefully.