Gaming Thread - PM Polydeukes your Gaming IDs


So is playing a 70 hour story line from my recliner


straight up just ■■■■ blizzard activision, a ■■■■■■■ diablo mobile game? i hope they go insolvent.


Physically can’t stop playing rdr2.

Shoot me.


To me bf1 on PC is the most fun mp action I’ve ever had >COD


Really, all the PCMR guys I work with were getting so pumped about the impending release, is that what it turned out to be?

One guy took a week of annual leave

Oh dear


Battlefield 1 was definitely one of the best games I have played for a long time.

Really want to buy the new one as well. Wonder if many people will be playing it or Red Dead will be like a year long obsession like Fortnite.


Going off Fallout 76 B.E.TA I have a gut feeling this will go stale in a month.


New Vegas will be the last truly great fallout game. Fallout 4 is vastly inferior and 76 is just a cluster ■■■■.


I’m a massive fallout fan, but it looks ■■■■. Games that rely on that level of teamplay don’t work IMO.


I didn’t mind Fallout 4. I loved the settlement building side.

I never got to play New Vegas as it kept crashing on my PS3 and I couldnt get past meeting the eye bot companion.

So many mates have cancelled FO:76 preorders because they screwed us with B.E.T.A times. Most were week days at either 5am or start at 8am when we all work.


Fallout 4 is good in that aspect, but it felt a bit shoehorned into the fallout series in general. I’d take quests and decisions that make a genuine impact in the game world over settlement building any day in a fallout game. Granted it was fun, but it’s not what I play fallout for.


Played Red Dead 2 for the first time today and have found it really immersive so far.

I can see why some people are saying that the controls are a bit clunky but to me they make sense and will just take time to get used to.

Feels a bit Last of Us to me a few missions in.


In anticipation of it coming out I played the first one through again about 2 months ago, so ty controls were easy, they are better this time

I’m probably going to play through it again after this.

I’m very nearly done.

If I knew how to spoiler tag I would go into more detail.

Hands down this is the best game I’ve ever played.


How long roughly is the story?


Hours? It’s taken me around 45 and I didn’t stray off the main story

It’s 6 chapters and 2 epilogue chapters.

I think, I’m on the second epilogue and it feels like it’s coming to a head


You’ve sunk some serious time into it then! :joy:

I’m glad that the story sounds quite long.

The best game I’ve ever played is The Last of Us and I was so disappointed when I finally finished it because I just wanted it to keep on going.

I’m hoping that this will be the same.


Ditto, Last of us was the one of the 3 best games I have ever played and that’s saying something.

Hopefully the second one can live up to the last


I played last of us and loved it p, but this is on another level.

Last of us, Skyrim and RDR where my favourite teams of all time.

This game is so far ahead of those it’s almost as if it’s next gen from now.

I just finished it.




I’ve certainly never played a game where I’ve had to think about taking a bath…

The open world is certainly dynamic. I stumbled across a camp of O’Driscolls… and while I was cowering behind a tree heavily outnumbered and getting shot at - some bounty hunters turned up from the otherside and opened fire on the camp…and just as the O’Driscolls finished them off, a bear came charging in from the otherside to finish off the remaining camp members. I strolled in to a camp full of bodies and I didn’t even fire a shot…


Tetris Effect on PlayStation VR.

This game is wow. Won’t surprise me if it becomes GOTY/the Christmas gift this year.

Might even need a shout in the mental health thread.

An amazing game.