Gaming Thread - PM Polydeukes your Gaming IDs


I haven’t played a lot yet so the story is pretty linear so far. Looks absolutely gorgeous.

Controls are a bit clunky though.


Now into the open world and distracted by hunting. Got my ■■■ handed to me by a legendary bear.


Got RDD2 yesterday but won’t start playing it til after my placement to not get too distracted lol.


Same, I got too many games to focus on right now. Rdr2 and COD and 2k

Good times


I havn’t played a rockstar game in ages so struggling with the controls a bit… wanting to talk to people but accidentally shooting them in the head and then getting into all sorts of trouble…

I just hit the open world but then just spent 2 hours playing poker just outside the home base camp… lol


Yeah I’m still struggling with the controls at times. Will go to talk to someone then point a gun at them instead.

Also hate how my default weapon setup needs to be re-set all the time.

But it’s oh so fun though.

Go do a bounty mission and get distracted by a deer, then find an enemy base camp where I accidentally cause a grass fire. Then stumble upon a clue for a serial killer

The saving is pretty unforgiving too. Pretty much need to do a full mission or else you have to restart the whole thing again.


Although sometimes it saves too quickly… I accidently shot the mexican guy outside camp instead of accepting his challenge and when I restarted … he was gone from the game.


Really? Checkpoints have been pretty liberal since introduced in GTA IV Expansions as far as I remember?

The game is ■■■■■■■ incredible though. Only thing that ■■■■■ me is the sluggish movement. Don’t mind the slowness per se, more the sluggish turning/getting going. It’s so “gooey”


Especially in camp. Lemme run!


Hands down this is the best game I’ve ever played


Yep this and witcher 3 are my votes for best games of this generation.


[email protected] i have to get this game.

I love rockstar.


Work and Uni has meant that i havent been able to play RDR2 for a whole dman week. this weekend im binging


impatiently awaits pc release


Lucky you, i’m still on placement for another 2 weeks ;’(


Good luck!


Why wait?


The first RDR was amazing


Because true 4K is amazing


Played a few hours tonight. great game so far. my issue like most is the controls being really clunky feeling, but its definitely deliberate to give the impression of a bulky weighty character.

for anyone thats interested in the complete opposite, get a copy of Nier: Automata. the controls in that are glorious.