Gary ablett jnr

Just throwing it out there. For a couple of years, currency will fall this year but i still think he can be one of the best players in the comp so we could get him more cheaply. The Polish and great disposal we need in the midfield and i don’t think he can fit in down at geelong under their cap so we may be one of the few valid alternatives?



Does he still exist?

Oh dear

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Absolutely no way. He’s become gutless.

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I had to double check it still wasn’t April the first.

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What about goddard in his latter years at the saints. Anyway just a thought, i think he is just depressed on the Gold Coast and would still be a gun at a new club that is competing towards the top.

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yeah do it, nothing could possibly go wrong

The amount he’d want wouldn’t justify the output.

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BJ got turfed. Ablett wants to do SFA to get back to geelong.

poor form really.


Oh dear.

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You’ve convinced me, let’s trade Fanta for him

Ahhh, let me thi … NO.

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If he wasn’t intent on going back to Geelong, as he was during trade period, then definitely maybe.

If he wasn’t a born again fruitcake that simply can’t relate to the majority of his team mates, and set’s up a prayer class with a few, that then divides the group ,…

…still NO.


Oh Jesus that gave me a chuckle…

YES if not only to read more posts of this nature. :slight_smile:


I like the idea, another polished player would be amazing, but I think you have the wrong player.

A Fyfe on the other hand…

One can dream.

Yeh I’m talking in cloke type of deal. Not a high pick exchange and on average to above average money.

So I’m gathering from this everyone thinks junior is done and won’t play another good season? I think he has a couple left in him and is just ■■■■■■ about being in a ■■■■ environment. Happy to revisit this next year and see how his tracking.

This might be whistling dixie on the fife, but there are rumours that Essendon are into him, I’ll give you the drum!

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Fyfe to Zerret, FAP, to Parish, back to Fyfe who drills it to FAP Daniher.