Gary ablett jnr


Not good enough for our midfield though mate :smiley:




Gaz’s sister just passed away at the age of 35.

Puts things into perspective now…


Bluddy hell, … that sucks.


That’s terrible RIP


Damn. That does suck.


Oh no, that’s terrible.


horrible news.


If this is the reason he wanted to come back and the GC knew, then they should be ashamed of themselves for not getting the trade done!


I assume that’s why the meeting was happening today. I would also assume it will happen fairly quickly now.


Hopefully people will realise now that there is a genuine reason for wanting to come home. An absolute superstar and very private person who continually gets smashed. Great example of Oz tall poppy syndrome. Threats to leave the game aren’t hollow. Hope he gets home and hope he continues to star.


The AFL needs to get rid of the GC chairman Cochrane. Seems like an absolute stain of a person and the club is a rabble.


Natasha Ablett RIP.

Condolences to all the Ablett family, Gary Jnr was very dignified in the way he was trying to get back to Geelong to be there for his family, without breaching his sister’s privacy. Unfortunately this dignity wasn’t reciprocated by the GCS.

The fact Gary wasn’t able to be in Geelong this year will be hurting him, I wish him and his family well.


That is ■■■■■■ sad… Condolences to the Ablett family.


Do you still agree with this?


Whilst I’m very sorry for the Ablett family with their loss, GCS did nothing wrong in holding Ablett to the contract that Ablett signed.


Legally they did nothing wrong. Morally, they should have let him with his family when they needed him the most.


Gazza also had the choice to walk away and put his sister first.

He will have to live with that decision.


Morally if you sign a contract then you need to stick to it. This is nobody’s fault though.


Condolences. So ■■■■■■■ sad.