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They have been together for quite some time I believe and she is 63 and also a Dr who earns a fair amount herself (project manager at a science and chemical company). Not sure I would count her as a gold digger.


“Marry me honey, I’ll take you to the moon and back”.

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Buzz will probably outlive half of this forum. Who cares about age disparity if they’re both consenting adults? Good on him and her.

He’ll still be alive before we win a final.

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And so much more to come, there’s something like a million water mains that are made with lead pipe.

Apparently some trans group have cracked the sads with Aretha Franklin’s Natural Woman with them.

I think this is the point at which they’re told to GAGF and there’ll be no more changing the language to suit about half a percent, if that, of the population.

I know plenty of guys who are socially very progressive, but think this whole trans push is utter bullshit.

We don’t want to throw rocks at them but it seems like everybody is bending over backwards for them. Pun intended. They can go ■■■■ theselves. Pun also intended.

It’s the stereotypical problem with the left. Find a very niche issue to fight over and then attack all the people who otherwise would support you for not agreeing with that niche position.

I doubt most trans people would care about that song. But some do and that’s enough to get some clicks and turn the broader community against them.

You know people with that opinion? Uh huh.

Given you provided no details, I assume this has arisen in response to some conservatives deciding to mis-appropriate the song based purely on the title, as the song’s lyrics are innocuous.

Try to keep the “apparently” “stories” out of this news thread.


Every cause has their PETA.

And also


Is that a parody account??

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Given the follow-up tweets are stuff like this, I think we can pretty safely assume they are.

They suckered a LOT of people though.


Im confused.

Who are they ■■■■■■ off at?

Are they aware a man wrote the song? And it was sung by a woman of colour? And both are dead.

You’re confused because you assumed it was true.



Yep. Sucked in.
I feel like my dad.


What Frogshite Benny. This type of crap has nothing to do what Left Politics, it is a nonsense from stupid people.

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We always knew Adani was dodgy, but nobody really knew how dodgy they were.


There is a scam Trump could only dream of

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And there we go @barry_day
Close links to Modi as well. This is going to get interesting.
Can’t help thinking that India’s willingness to purchase Russian goods, ( oil etc) , may have something to do with this. Geopolitics is a complex labrynth.


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