Get the hell out of Essendon - Patrick Ryder

He is certainly serious about looking at his options. Meeting Brisbane tonight. This cost us an elimination final and will cost us dearly if he leaves. I am very sad.

Paddy Ryder meets with Brisbane Lions head honchos as he weighs up future at Essendon

  • Jon Anderson and Andrew Hamilton
  • News Corp Australia
  • September 16, 2014 4:05PM

Roos and Thompson on James Frawley & Paddy Ryder

AFL. Essendon v Port Adelaide at Etihad Stadium. Paddy Ryder gets a kick away
ESSENDON‘S Paddy Ryder will meet Lions officials in Brisbane tonight.

The Bombers ruckman was scheduled to arrive late this afternoon with his partner Jess McDonald, a Queenslander, for a barbecue with Lions football manager Dean Warren, coach Justin Leppitsch and CEO Greg Swann to hear their pitch for his much sought-after signature.

The Lions are one of three clubs - the others are Port Adelaide and GWS - who are attempting to lure Ryder away from Essendon.

The Lions claim to be unaware which direction Ryder will head but an official told The Courier Mail his visit to Brisbane showed the club was “in the game.”

Clubs chasing star Jake Carlisle and Paddy Ryder

Port Adelaide‘s ability to offer immediate finals action is seen as a major attraction to Ryder, who has played just two finals with Essendon in 170 games since debuting in 2006.

Plus the Power can boast a proud tradition of providing a happy home for indigenous players, dating back to their 2004 premiership side that contained Peter and Shaun Burgoyne, Byron Pickett and Gavin Wanganeen.

The Bombers have made an offer of an upgraded contract to Ryder, who still has two years to run on his existing deal.

But it is believed they are still as much as $200,000 short of what he could earn if he activated a clause that would allow him to leave Essendon.

Paddy Ryder devastated as Essendon‘s season ends. Picture: Michael Klein

Ryder was set for more talks with Bomber officials this morning.

Brisbane made it known they were prepared to offer Ryder a four-year deal, believed to be worth upwards of $2.5 million, when they heard he was unhappy at Essendon and was prepared to activate a clause argued for by the AFL Players Association that would allow him to break his contract over fears for his health owing to the club‘s peptide regime.

Ryder, 26, has just completed his finest season in the ruck for the Bombers which, combined with his ability to play in the ruck and up forward, makes him hot property.

He is also remarkably durable having averaged 20 games for his last eight seasons.

Should the Lions secure Ryder they will find themselves in a very healthy rucking position, with Matthew Leuenbeger, Stefan Martin and Trent West already on the list.

Should Ryder leave Windy Hill, it will leave the Bombers desperate for another ruckman given they only have the injury-prone Tom Bellchambers and rookie 21-year-old Fraser Thurlow on their books. At 202cm Joe Daniher can play that role but wants to play as a key forward.

Sydney remains the wildcard in the race for Ryder with the club heavily reliant on 30-year-old Mike Pyke. As for how they could possibly fit Ryder into their salary cap, Ryan O‘Keefe‘s departure will help and there is a growing expectation that 2014 All-Australian Nick Malceski will also seek a new home.

It didn’t cost us an elimination final.

This “activate the clause” bull**** is realling giving me the *****.

Its not a button he can just push

Clubs still have to trade for him right?

They’ll undercook the BBQ and he will stay.

After CW said yesterday that she expects him to notify us of brisbane within 48 hours. Means we will know tomorrow.  I hope she is speaking crap otherwise she knows stuff that she shouldn't know.  Very depressed about that.  If we end up with a second round pick from them,  I am giving up footy.

Attending a BBQ with that essendon hating fkn scum Greg Swan. Fk off Pat.

He’s entertaining big money offers from clubs on the proviso he walks out on us for nothing.

Makes me fkn sick.

Clubs still have to trade for him right?

Yes unless this 'clause' is used by paddy instigating it but I doubt he would and it's still a grey area to me.

We give him drugs that allow him to have a career best season and he just farks off?


Not impressed.

$2.5m over 4 years means he’ll be getting $625k p.a.

Isn’t he currently earning 500k? Surely we can up the amount to $600k? Would that be enough though to keep him?

The article is a bit light on info. What sort of BBQ? What sort of steak will be on offer? Is it just a basic caeser salad, or something more adventurous? Modern journalism is pathetic.

Oh, and if GWS are interested… Then he’s going to the Swans.

Farking Greg Swan. I hope Paddy rubbed that a-holes face on the grill and stuck a 6 pack of Four X up his clacker.

I’ve been to many job interviews over the years whilst still contracted to an employer. Most of them walked away thinking I’m better off staying put. Hope Paddy realises the same thing…

$2.5m over 4 years means he'll be getting $625k p.a.
Isn't he currently earning 500k? Surely we can up the amount to $600k? Would that be enough though to keep him?

He's got a contract HE signed for, we don't have to offer a fkn thing more.
He can either play for us, sit out the next 2 years or contest this in court.

I am very angry about this. Of all the players I cannot come to terms that it could be Paddy to just up and leave the Bombers. Just really p… off.

WTF; after all we have been through. GRRRRRRR



.... or is his plan to take a NRL type deal from ASADA, be banned for 3 months, then walk out on EFC?

Because this duty of care clause is a fairy tale, the only way he can leave is if we let him right?

Isn’t he in QLD this weeks getting married??? Why wouldn’t u get a free fees if u were in the neighborhood!

I've been to many job interviews over the years whilst still contracted to an employer. Most of them walked away thinking I'm better off staying put. Hope Paddy realises the same thing...


yeah, but have you told [b]him[/b] of these experiences or how you felt? I'm not sure if he knows..

Free feed sorry.