Getting ANZAC Day

Hey guys I’m just looking for a little help with information on how I might get tickets for ANZAC Day for me and my father (a Pies supporter unfortunately) this year. It’s a fierce footy rivalry between us 2 Queenslanders and have spoken about going for the last 10 years buts it’s never eventuated due to certain circumstances. I’m moving overseas in May indefinitely so this is the year to bite the bullet and do it.

But as we are not members and the fact I have never been to the footy at the MCG, we’re unsure of how to go about securing the tickets. It would be nice to lock them in ASAP so we can organise flights, accommodation, getting work off etc.

If anyone could help provide insight in anyway that would be greatly appreciated.

Also, if people have any good tips on cheap close accomodation, modes of transport from airport, etc that would great.

Thanks alot, cheers.

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I can help a bit!

If you want to stay super close to the MCG, The Pullman right across the road is your best option.

Getting from the airport to the city is taxi or uber unfortunately. Melbourne refuses to put PT in despite everyone but taxis wanting it.

In terms or tickets - I’m not sure how hard it is to purchase public sale tickets, but they are not on sale yet. You’re actually probably better to buy two 6 game memberships and upgrade the seats. It’s a Collingwood home game this year, so a lot of seats will be off the table. EFC will sit in the punt road end of the MCG (Southern Stand) but not on the wing (Collingwood members).

I’m not sure when the tickets go on sale, but it will likely be next month.

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You can buy multiple tickets on one 6 game membership. I bought 2 last year on mine. I don’t know if it differs if it’s our away game though


Some travel companies offer packages, flights, hotel and tickets. Call a Travel Agent near home and get them to search for you.

And also call Collngwood and tell them lies about terminal illnesses, last chance to see Pies live and all that. They will have seats for a good convincing story, Eddie believed “Sarah”, so you have a chance with bullshite and tears.

Only downside is you will be with Filth supporters, least your Dad will enjoy.

Don’t try it at the Bombers, it is my turn this year.


If you sit with the Filth make sure you yell out MARK OF THE YEAR every time Howe takes a chest mark.


In previous years I have bought public sale tickets as soon as they go online and got tickets each time i’ve gone (even four or five seated together). You just have to be super quick and be on there the minute they go on sale to the public, they sell out FAST!

Im from Adelaide.


There’s also the Mantra on Jolimont which is only a few hundred metres away from Gate 1.


Thanks for the answers :slight_smile:

I think I’m going to have to go the “sit at laptop frenetically refreshing to get a ticket” option as a 6 game membership is probably out of our price range, especially as I will be overseas for most of the season.

Does anybody know when tickets come on sale?

Tickets are on sale next week I believe. Just jump on as soon as general public tickets go on sale and grab them. You should be able to get something. Standing room tickets are usually released at a later date, generally a week or two before the game.

March 7th is the day I believe. The ticketek website doesn’t have dates yet, only a waitlist link, but tickets to other games (Etihad) are listed as on sale from March 7th on Ticketmaster.

When does the members pre sale begin?

Monday, I think. 9.AM


Hey mate. If I get a chance on Monday I’ll see if I can snag a couple in the members presale. How many are you after?

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If the GS doesn’t do this I will be disappoint.

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I got last minute ‘restricted view’ seats last year for 4 people. I think they must have meant the goal posts, cos our pocket/wing seats, third from the fence, were glorious


Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhut up!!!

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I notice it says scan members card on March 5. I haven’t received my card yet. Has anyone got theirs?