Getting Old - The 40+ Brigade


The last 2 years I’ve really felt my age but since I stopped playing sport my weight has ballooned so that isn’t helping.


Scientific fact that.

Those that get more exercise / physical activity, have much more energy and need less sleep than those that don’t.


Explains why Sun arvo naps have crept into my life in the past few years. Am way too unfit. ‘Fit, not fcked at 50’ is my new mantra.


I’m teally not enjoying needing to urinate at 5:30 am.

I am enjoying every aspect of the “get off my lawn” process.

I have a 12 year old son who keeps me in touch with how not to be entirely lame, and my “other” is slightly more youthful than me, so mentally I’m remaining attached to contemporary things.

It saddens me that I’m outside the realms of any possible sporting career, but it gladdens me that the one remaining avenue is lawn bowls.

And yes, @DonMania, I find the bags under the eyes a bit confronting.


Commuting by bike has been a game changer for me. Decent exercise at both ends of the day.


[email protected] I know right. I never considered myself vain but at 43 nose, longer eyebrow and shoulder/back hair just wasn’t cool. Thank god for nose clippers number 3 clipper combs and I can highly recommend laser hair removal.


39 and kicking 40s door down. The days are long and the years are short!


That really rung true for me. Appreciate you taking the time!


The bladder deterioration…that’s the worst.

When you’re young, it’s 10 pots before you break the seal…by the time you’re 50, you may as well take the beer to the dunny with you.

And my hangovers got so bad that I gave up drinking about 12 years ago. One beer every few days on overseas trips, I’m ok.


This. I actually get nervous if I start a second drink. One and done.


Especially when the old prostate has to be ripped out! ■■■■■■ bladder meant no footy for year and then I was too scared for the away bus trip! Finally gave it a go and made it safely between bladder breaks. Yes getting old is a bugger. 50 felt fine. Pretty much downhill after 60 haha. Thankfully the Over 45s here are slow enough so I can still get a kick! Time now for my last pit stop until I get up in about 5 hours for an empty. Sleep well!


Lots of young people think they’re “old souls”. Well before you’re 50 you’ll reflect on what a mediocre thought process that was and what an utter tosspot you were. Speaking from experience.


I’ve actually got Progeria.


Sorry to hear that mate.


Unfortunate if true alex. Probably not something to joke about.


I’m 49 and in reasonable shape. I’m lucky I don’t put on fat easily, but the flip side is unless I use weights I’d be pretty ■■■■■■ skinny.
The only regret is smashing my knee at 21 and losing half my cartilage. I’ve worn the rest away and I’m pretty much bone on bone. Can’t run, but I do ride.
I have a 4yo and another due in April. It’s hard finding time to work out and I can’t believe I’m actually looking forward to the missus going on maternity leave so I can get back to surfing.
It’s funny looking in the mirror, because you generally don’t see what is there when only taking in the front profile. I saw tape of myself presenting on stage 20 years ago and under the lights saw the toilet seat forming under my hair. Shaved it off the next day.


I want/need to take over Hugh Hefner’s life. It’s the only way you can truly be happy as you age!

For those of saying you are living a happy life…you don’t know what Happy is.


What a sad bunch you are !

I have never had aspirations of living a very long time, and I was 65 last week and reckon another few years will be enough for me, so I continue to live every day like it will be my last.

In my somewhat warped view, life is all about oneself, and everyone and everything else is secondary. While I recognise that I cannot physically do the same things I could do years ago, I don’t really think about it and just get on with doing what I want until I die. My family have to fit into my needs and they either do or we don’t engage. That is not to say that I do not care about others, just care about me much more.

Some of you may recoil in horror as you spend your life working for your wife and kids as a devoted husband and parent. I have never been good at any of that, and hence have done much more in more time on this earth than most, not being encumbered with the things that make you grow old both in body and mind.

So my advice would be to don’t waste any seconds on thoughts of being or growing old, as you cannot change it, and just live the moment.


Jeebus BF, you should vote Lib!


One thing you don’t know as you age is whether the changes you feel (aches, pains, weaknesses etc) are just part of getting old or they mean you’re sick.