Getting Old - The 40+ Brigade


50 and I don’t have any problem drinking too much alcohol. Mrs wants another kid but I’m having a vasectomy next week, before there’s an accident and I have no say in it. We have a 7yo and while rewarding it’s damn hard work for me. My career has taken a hit because I usually put him and running the house first, and I do most of that. I have no desire to be still raising kids in retirement and there are already too many people on this planet IMO.
Agree with the fitness thing, very important to stay active.


Retirement isn’t easy. I’d think I’d go crazy with no job. Plus the stress of saving for a retirement. Life events seem to happen which can make that difficult, or have for me. Others accumulate a great nest egg and the main difference I can see is being married. (and then if you love your wife that’s probably a wonderful thing to look forward to)

I just try to live well with what I have.

When I can no longer be productive at a job, hopefully I have enough to put myself out to pasture. But I don’t want it to be a long retirement.


I genuinely don’t know how old I am sometimes.
Maturity wise it’s10.


I know you are, but what am I?


nudge nudge wink wink say no more say no more!


From my point of view, retirement is easy. Get up when you feel like it, do what you want to do whenever you want to do it.

Helps if you’ve got enough super though. This last month is the first time my super balance has gone below the initial investment in 26 months (I didn’t start getting paid out of the allocated pension for 3 months).

The last year of my job was particularly stressful, doing a super migration that needed a lot of tweaks. I had to get up during the night to start runs, daily conference calls, tons of work on weekends. I even remember getting an urgent call when we were at the graveside at my Mum’s funeral.


Agree about the hangovers. I can still handle half a bottle of wine that’s not one of those 15% blockbusters, but then I have to stop. And make sure there’s plenty of water in the system as well to flush it all through


There are other jobs out there that don’t require that sort of attention.

I love to go to bed with a real purpose for the next morning…

I’ve tried out retirement already.

Definetly need some help in working it out before I actually can’t function so well in the workforce.



Politics is all about putting yourself first. If you don’t look after yourself and be a complete human being then you cannot have any empathy for others. Liberals have no empathy with anything that does no involve money, and my record shows that giving away houses or cars to rid oneself of a Wife has never been an issue for me.


And 50 apparently is the new 40. Enjoy it while you are able to.


You should do stand up comedy because you have a way with words and are ■■■■■■ funny, ha,ha. Have you thought about it?


My real name is Deadly Earnest




More like🤓




How have never seen or thought to do that?


Did you know that everyone dies once they reach 40?


Have you read Ayn Rand?


I’m 36 but don’t feel it, feel younger than that.

However I have noticed over the last few years I’ve become less tolerable of rude people and then tend to let my nastiness come out via stereotypes of younger people.



And I do obviously subscribe to most of her philosophy, except I am sure that capitalism as we all know it is not moral.


In business I have found as I have become older, that I now can choose who I deal with and do not trade with all. We have weeded out our rude and nasty customers and sent them to our competition.

Socially though I just now ignore rude people, unless they are rude to my Wife or Daughter, then I get a big Samoan mate to talk with them.