Gold Coast game seating advice

Heading down to Carrara and wondering if anyone has advice on best place to sit. Be good to be with other Bomber supporters. Play last year seemed to be mostly on far wing- is that usual? Any advice appreciated.

If you sit near other people, you’ll be near Bomber supporters


pick a bay, any bay.


I like standing near the bar, it is probably the best cheap seats in the house. Apparantly my wife and kids dont though.

I don’t know if the Comm Games has helped their ability to load busses, but I would take a footy and have a kick after the game to let the crowd die down. Unless you come from Broadbeach, from memory those bus lines move much quicker.

Thanks for the replies - have cut off an arm & leg & booked tickets on the wing.

The tickets are insanely expensive (was around $90 for the wing last time I went there).

Yep…$70 each…slightly cheaper ones sold out. Also discovered my National membership no longer had a general admission attached …will have to look into that next year!

That is crazy. No wonder no-one is turning up.


hard sell when they’re stinking so bad.

Are the GA seats any good or am i better booking some? I was assuming that since they have no fans it would be easy to get a decent seat.

I know it’s expensive but the club game day function for Gold Coast games is something special.

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Been there a few time to watch the bombers. Any seat on the wing or in the 2nd tier is a great view. There is always tons of Essendon fans there too. Feels almost like a home game

Are there any speakers? What makes it special?

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It’s very relaxed, held outdoors on the terrace. Get to mingle with club legends and players. Was easily the best function we’ve attended.

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Don’t forget the people delivering food, and the private bar.

That was the day I had to move seats for fear of embarrassing myself when I started debating tactics with Sheeds! :joy: Too much alcohol I think.

Great event.

Come to think of it, the old ■■■■■■■ still hasn’t returned our pen.


They give away plenty of tickets every week up there

Sheeds was on the Red then?

Every year I check out cheap airfares and the walking distance from airbnb’s to the stadium.
Every year I go…nah.

Danger game this one.

Did not know about the game day function…is it on the website or do they email info??? Can’t go this year but would be interested in the future.