Gold Coast game seating advice


We drive up and make a long, long week-end of it.
Once you’re there the stadium is crap to get to and from though.
They’d better not give away tickets. I paid for mine.
Don’t do the high cost functions gets too expensive x 2.
Anyway I’m casual, not smart!


Have booked a dinner reservation at golf club opposite- also get a parking spot with it.


The Queensland bombers will likely have a pregame function at the golf club also. Usually a lot of red and black there!


That’s what we did. Get there early though or all the parking will be gone. They tend to over subscribe.
Or do what we did and just move a cone or two and park in the sectioned off bit!


Lolz be careful. They don’t really police it. We did the same a few years ago, when we arrived there were no available parking spots, if it wasn’t for some uncharacteristic unbecoming action by a certain young lady we would not have gotten a park.


It’s not cheap but it is casual and relaxed. It’s also very intimate. If you want a less corporate experience where you get to casually chat with everyone, I would recommend it.


Last year they had guys on the gate checking people in- so hopefully will be the same. We’ll be there before 5 so should be ok… :crossed_fingers:


Do you have to dress up for the club function? It’s tempting (though very pricey). Just not sure if I can get my husband and son to dress up for a football game


Nah. I wore jeans and an Essendon polo.


Absolutely not. Neat casual is fine. You won’t regret it.


My brother and his work colleagues are considering the function too. I apologise in advance.


ATM there seems to be only 1 section available at $60. They can jam it.


If you use your member barcode when you search it will only give you that section. If you want to see everything available just search not using your barcode. (That’s what happened to me - that $60 section is just Essendon members I think)


You’ll have unlimited seat selection.


Yeah, I tried first with the barcode, then without by logging in again in a separate window but got the same thing. Only when I closed the browser and tried again did it give me all options. Still, no GA available. There is level 2 available right at the back, or level 1 (single seats only), both for $40. Have been there before and the place will be half full, if that. It’s fkd.


Agree - I couldn’t understand why there was no GA available??? Also had problems trying to choose 2 seats when there were 3 or 5!! in a row left cos it wouldn’t let me do that as it would leave a single seat??? WTF (& each time I altered it it kept adding to the cost - in the end it had me owing $540!! Ended up closing computer & doing it off my phone) .


Most of their legends play for other teams now.


Lol … Essendon legends


Have had similar experience at the Gabba - rolled up more than 30 minutes before game time, GA sold out, and the next level up. Finally get in and the place is half full at best. Don’t they want people to actually go to games?


To be fair, GA at the MCG or Docklands involves nose bleed seats…