Gold Coast game seating advice


We hardly play these guys at home what’s going on.


They need the 15k Qld Essendon supporters to turn up :slight_smile:


Which we are- except we can’t get GA! I rang the club to ask if I could swipe my card to get in & they said no. They changed the National Membership this year so that a seat was an add on extra & the only tickets we could access using the card were the $60 level 2 ones. When I tried to access GA without the barcode it said not available. No idea why not. Might be a few disappointed Qld members at the gates!


Would like to go and support the players, but between the travel, access/parking issues, the 7.30 start meaning my 6yo won’t get to bed until around midnight, and the farcical ticketing system, I just refuse.


Yes we have complained about that. Essentially asked them what are we paying membership for if there are only two games in our state and we have to pay for both of them. Awaiting a reply.


Where are you travelling from? I drive from Brisbane park at Nerang and my kids are asleep well before then.


Just looked at buying tickets, family of 4 GA $62.

I thought the State membership included ONE game that Essendon played in your state, you could upgrade to the second should one be played.


If you want to sit away from opposition supporters sit anywhere


Last year was like an Essendon home game. Much like the Brisbane game.


I’m 25 minutes northwest of Brisbane. Kid will fall asleep on the way back but he’ll wake up again on arrival.


Fark me! We used to fly in from Hobart. Now drive 3 1/2 hrs each way from Swan Hill!


Yeah, I know it looks soft as fark. I do fly to a couple of games in Melbourne most years, so I’m prepared to travel. I guess I’m just protesting about Ticketek/Metricon/AFL, all of which give me the sh.its.


Go to the game mate. It’s just down the road. Go enjoy a Bomber win and worry about protesting some other time.


More so me and my relationship with Jack.


I may do yet. Probably won’t be able to hold myself back if we get up on Sunday TBH.


You say that…and then they don’t fall asleep that is :joy:


Decided against the function. Figured i could save the money for a ticket for our 2019 Grand final appearance. have bought tickets front row on the wing. Very happy. C’mon Bombers don’t let me down.


Ok, that settles it. Staying home where I can throw my phone at the television and have ready access to a microwave.


Apparently Level 1 reserved only $25 now. I paid $70 a few hours ago.


where you on viagogo perchance