Gold Coast game seating advice


Wouldn’t say it is impossible would depend on where your staying. Use Google maps as a guide


I won’t mind at all if Francis plays! Have front row wing so not complaining.


No you need some sort of transport.
Bus, taxi whatever.


Nope, 2 legs will do it (sorry @Heather_Mills)

8.5kms from The Shore Holiday Apartments to Metricon Stadium.
That’s a nice walk !

  • I’m sure there is closer accomodation but an ocean view is very nice.

Edit. Wim may be right.
Pedestrian access prohibited on Highway ?


But be careful as queenslanders can’t drive for krap as most are cross-eyed from bending bananas all day.


Atleast we can grow bananas save on buying them at 4 bucks a pop!
@bltn Good luck in finding footpath bus from pacific fair is free!


Good view of the chicks 2.



Make sure you take your essendon shnuggies to the game…and use them well!


There are footpaths…somewhere around there just use the force and trust in ones pathfinding u shall.


Got level2 seating a few weeks back. No idea what it’ll be like
I’ve flown up & am staying in surfers. cracking clear day.
anyone looking to split an Uber or something out there?


What a ripoff

I got seats at the back of the second level because it was going to be 60 to get seats up the front

Will guarantee there are free seats all over the place in the rows in front of me

If they want to grow the game up here it should be affordable


Exactly, they’d be better off having all tickets $20 for a few years. They’d get bigger crowds and most likely more members in the long run


Try getting GA in Brisbane…

You will find that the ‘Essendon side’ will be fairly full…The GC members side not so much.


Wear a coat tonight, once the sun goes down the temp drops quickly, going to be 3c overnight at Carara