Gold Coast game seating advice


God knows. I just went onto ticketek and typed AFL. Knowing my luck I’ve been ripped off.


Yep, should be against the law the way they release tix. “Best available” my ■■■■. If they were honest they’d say “best we’re offering you atm cos chances are you’ll ■■■■■■■ well bend over for it”.


At least I’ve got front row on the wing. Can’t complain too much.


I paid 176 for one adult one child to see hawthorn play north Melbourne in the wet in Launceston in a game where neither where featuring in the finals.
mate got his family in for 40.
awesome day it was.


Me and mate will be up there for this game. Level 2 centre wing. Having been to the ground previously I find seating quite good irrespective of where you are situated. Will be hardly any Suns fans around.


I don’t suppose the club has an open training session or anything on Friday where we can see the players? My son would love to see them up close


Crowd control rarely give a ■■■■ when you go in. Usually there is a curtain raiser unlike the Gabba they lock u out until their good and ready…for what? Who knows…


Park at golf club 20 bucks


Upon entering Metricon go up the stairs and move towards the left hand side of the grandstand, just before the members part…you’ll see security. Walk down towards the ground the 1st row of the seating area, the players race for us is on the left hand side. You will see Baguley, Goddard, Merrett and Heppell, they always talk sign whatever you like. Enjoy.


Rug up its going to be cold at the game!




Last time I went to this ground my seat number corresponded to a seat which had been replaced by a pole to hold the roof up. Not being an experienced pole dancer I wasn’t willing to shimmee up & down during the match.
My seating advice is to practice pole dancing and wear appropriate attire; or just ask for an actual seat.


Golf club free parking if you have a meal there!:+1:


I see you have done this before.


Is it impossible to walk?
Due to highways and infrastructure and such?

Because there are a couple of nice looking places quite close.


I was sure I posted the link for $25 tickets…

Ends 11:59 tonight


bugger i bought full price


Me too.


me three


Sorry posted it in the team selection thread…