Grading the Year so far


I don’t normally post new topics but was wondering the thought of our year so far. If you would grade 2019 like a school report…are we an A, B, C, D, E or F so far?

I was thinking today if we somehow did get a win this week we would likely be 5th on the ladder. At the start of the year I had us finishing 6th and it made me reflect on what if we did finish around 6th…what are my thoughts when I have had a number of frustrations on our performances this year?

For me I am likely giving us a C despite the recent courageous form. I was trending an E for sometime so a C is in fact a huge turn around and we can still get to a B on current form.

Strengths and positives so far -

  1. Resilience, grit, toughness , character
  2. Parish and McGrath developing into tougher more reliable players
  3. Back 6 consistent form
  4. McKenna becoming a more elite half back
  5. Emergence of Redman and the introduction of Gleeson back in the side
  6. Essendon finally have a run with player in Dylan Clarke
  7. Depth of list overcoming injuries

Weaknesses or frustrations so far:

  1. Poor start to year again- having to play catch up to keep season alive
  2. Rarely play 3 or 4 Qtrs of quality football- play well in patches or at end of games
  3. Midfield and forwards connection still lacking
  4. Form of Fantasia
  5. Lack of identified consistent game style week to week- talent and moments sometimes winning
  6. Injuries to key players

Where does the year sit with you so far?


I’d give us a B-. There is lots to be happy with but still needs alot of improvement.

I’d agree, i’d go b if we didn’t have that abysmal start to the year.

Pretty reasonable and agree with your ‘good’ and ‘bad’ points.
I’d add Ambrose returning to become the blanketting defensive beast of a couple of years ago as a positive, prior to his most recent injury. Plus Saad. That guy is a joy to watch. Genuine 2 way operator.


If a C is a pass, middle of the road, then we are very clearly a C.

We had a dreadful start. We lost to St Kilda FFS, because we couldn’t learn the lesson from the year before about dropping easy games to start the season.

We have somehow managed to single-handedly bring OP back into the AFL landscape.

We have struggled to score freely, because we cannot manage to create and/or hit a target in the F50.

However, we have still somehow manufactured enough wins to be in the 8… just… for this week anyway.

The lads are being very brave at the moment. I find the skills frustrating, but the wins satisfying. I don’t know if they can keep it up. If they can, the score might go up. If they can’t, it’ll go down.

Anyway, definitely a middle of the road C at present.



I had the season as an F until we beat GWS, now starting to see some positive signs.


  • Dylan Clarke gives us much better balance in the midfield

  • Mason Redman’s arrival as a serious player

  • Stringer looks fitter and stronger and more consistent

  • Midfield shaping up nicely, love the player that Parish is becoming

  • If we could get our forward line on the park at the same time it is a pretty menacing lineup

  • Back six consistency


  • I still think that we were playing better football more consistently at the end of last season.

  • Winning a final was base expectation for 2019, it seems that expectation has been amended to playing consistent footy

  • Mismanagement of Joey, questions about Fantasia

  • Persisting with Myers and Baguley at the start of the season when better options were presenting themselves in the twos.

  • Failure to promote Draper when given the chance

  • McGrath hasn’t come on like I’d hoped

  • We’ve won 2 out of 7 games against the top 6 which doesn’t bode well for finals


  • Not sure if Shiel really represents value for $ considering what we gave up, somewhat dependent on where we finish but we would have been thinking top 6 when we made the trade, not bottom 10. His foot skills are problematic.

I think its worth mentioning, winning a final is a hurdle, miss that and the seasons an F.

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Don’t think you’ll find many people who disagree with that.

Huh? But we did so what’s your score based on reality? This year couldn’t be rated higher than a C. No top 4 scalps.

Leading into GWS I would have said F but some signs of spirit and decent play has elevated us to a D+ IMHO. Some absolutely putrid losses in there prevents it being higher. Not making finals would consign us back to an F


C ish just at the moment - would need to make finals to keep it. Barely a D- for the season so far, which is not too bad considering the start to the season was very F-.

If you take into account the players available to play, I’d put us as B+.

Grinding out recent wins against good sides while missing key talented players is impressive. I’m annoyed about the start of the year, if we repeat that performance in 2020 heads should roll.

The young talent starting to cement themselves is awesome, plus the vfl side is dominating, which has a big impact on our future success.

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Apart from that absolute demolition we Tippa did on Brisbane.

C- at best.

We’ve been scraping in over the line last few weeks, which is great. Certainly better than losing those games, but the teams we’ve scraped over the line against haven’t been world beaters, GWS aside who seem to be in a bit of a form slump currently.

Last 2/3 of last year I loved how we were playing, consistent tough footy. We lost some games, won a lot of games and put the effort in every week… woe betide anyone who slackened off against us and allowed us use of the corridor.

For some reason because the teams that beat us were quality teams, we seem to have decided that our game plan wouldn’t stand up and have re-worked large portions of it. This year our skills have been woeful, the effort has been inconsistent and for the most part it’s been ugly too. At this point it’s not really about results for me, we could make finals and win one playing like we are and I would probably still think Worsfold should be moved on.



  • The emergence of/progress of some players - Redman, D Clarke, Guelfi, Parish, Ambrose, McGrath.
  • Backline defense - keeping teams to lower scores.
  • Staying in games (more-so in the past few rounds).
  • More depth - ability to cover injuries (so far)


  • Not being prepared for the start of the season (again!).
  • Not being able to win interstate.
  • Not being able to match it with the top teams.
  • Seem to rely on individual brilliance as opposed to team structure.
  • Kick-ins.
  • Skills
  • Skills
  • Skills

Whoa! Such plaited language! Thou art clearly a eld’r statesman, nay?

No top 4 scalps? Go look again :thinking:

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My pass for this year was making and then winning at least 1 final. Until then there is no grading happening.


Strengths and positives:

  1. Defence
  • Hooker: he doesn’t just make our defence better but also the whole team.
  • Saad: the most consistent out of the all players, imo, deserves to be AA at the season’s end
  • Redman: enough said.
  • McKenna: had a couple of bad games but been great otherwise.
    -Ambrose: same as Redman, no need to say more.
  • Hurley: Same as McKenna. Doesn’t deserve the hate he gets from Blitz sometimes.
  1. VFL: sitting on the top of the ladder.

Weaknesses and negatives:

  1. Forward (blame the injuries).
  2. Walla not hitting the scoreboard enough this year.
  3. What is wrong with Orazio?

Get our forwards healthy and in form, we would be sitting in top 4.

My pass mark in the pre-season was a finals win. Now that Hurley is out potentially for the season, and Hooker being not 100% and a b-grade forwardline, it’s just a top 8 finish. I think that is a reasonable expectation as we can’t see us winning a final without Hurley and Hooker.

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Probably a C -

The good:
Midfield depth
Redman and Clarke
Sticking to the general plan - real weird to say

The bad:
Leading ability
Poor start
Not one complete 4qtr performance