Grand Final Entertainment

It looks like we are getting “The Killers” whilst the NRL seem to have lined up Pearl Jam.

Not sure how they keep getting this so wrong.


I’ll bet you $1000 it’s what Gil listens to in the Lexus on the way to his weekly “screw Essendon” breakfast meeting.


I want to make an amusing comment about one of their songs but I have no idea who they are.


Also, I really hope they play that one with “are we human, or are we dancer” lyric.

Are we human or are we dancers… blahj blah blah time is coming


That’s what makes it so ■■■■■■■ shithouse.

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I wonder if anyone has told Brandon Flowers he’s going to be about 85 metres away from the nearest punter, and a further 50m from the nearest punter that will actually be watching.

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I don’t care who it is, as long as they’re not paid.


Couldnt we just get Chisel

I really really really like The Killers and Brandon Flowers.

Gonna be a shame watching them try salvage the ■■■■ sandwich that is AFL GF Entertainment


Really? . First record “Hot Fuss” well worth a listen.

You must have heard this …

Is it hard work being so edgy?

Come on, you know who The Killers are.


(puts on grumpy old man hat)

Just don’t have grand final entertainment, I’m there to watch footy not a bunch of overpaid buskers badly sing a bunch of songs half the population hasn’t heard of.

(walks off and yells at cloud)


Yes it was. Second one had its moments too. Third one was unmitigated ■■■■■ from beginning to end and I lost interest after that. Doesn’t help that the singer is an arrogant farker in the mold of Chris Martin, Bono et al. If they limit their act strictly to Mr Brightside, Somebody Told Me and When You Were Young and then ■■■■-off quicksmart it’d probably pass muster. Anything more is definitely not required.

Why is the AFL hellbent on getting acts who are several years (or decades in Meatloaf’s case) past their prime? Actually, did Meatloaf ever have a prime???

Who seriously goes to the GF to watch 3 songs?
That time is better spent taking a leak or getting a tray of ciders


Just get the original and the best!


Wasn’t The Killers a Kubrick movie? I think it was one Steve Martin took the pee out of in Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid.

I’m thinking Burt Lancaster, Ava Gardner and Karl Malden…might be wrong though.

Edit: Was William Conrad instead of Karl Malden (knew it was the star of one of those 60s crime dramas) and it wasn’t Kubrick.

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I don’t know about ‘the kids’ generally, but Killers are massively popular with LMW’s squad.

As for whether Meatloaf ever had a prime, I’d be surprised if he didn’t have one of the top ten selling albums in Australia of all time, so…yeah, I reckon he did.

Edit: Quick google informs me it’s THE biggest selling album in Australia.

I don’t know them either, listened to the song, thought I might know the song, but nope.