Grand Final Entertainment


Once again: Democracy DOES NOT work.


Are The Killers still relevant?

As someone said above, get Chisel, or Midnight Oil.

Or just get some DJ to ply some pump up tracks. No one gives a toss anyway


Don’t get me wrong - I agree entirely. Can’t say I’ve ever watched HT “entertainment”. But… if we really must pay them shitloads to pay 3 songs, they’d be the ones to play.


Freaking beautiful. Love the killers. Finally some decent entertainment.


Maybe they’ll sing “Andy, you’re a star” when the Norm Smith is announced…


I like them. Very good band.
Prefer them to Pearl Jam, actually.


Oh, yeah, nah.


lol. my music taste speed developing 20 years ago. I own Meatloaf CDs. Killers probably too edgy for me.

Have since looked up a couple of their songs and do recognise them. meh.


Damn right. They over think it. Oils would be fantastic. Even Angry Anderson and the batmobile as a retro nod.


I loved the first two and liked the third a lot. Battle Born was B Flowers trying his best to create arena rock music that was just too formulaic IMO.

Big Flowers fan myself, his two solo albums are great, particularly the second which is just awesome. IMO.


Hell yes!


That’ll be about the time that Andrew Dimetriou jumps onto the field and accepts the medal…


F*ck I hate the Killers.

The AFL really have no idea what audience they are trying satisfy, That’s the issue.

In Contrast the NRL know exactly what they are trying satisfy. That is; blokes in their 30’s and 40’s. ie. Cold Chisel, Slash, You am I, Grinspoon, Wolfmother, Hoodoo Gurus, INXS, Billy Idol.


Carols by Candlelight has a better line up than the AFL GF.


Third album was pretty meh (although dustland fairytale, underrated song), and his solo stuff was simply terrible.

First two albums are still pretty friggin good though, you gotta get about 8 tracks into Hot Fuss before you hit anything that resembles filler.

I have seen them live, and well… It’s not their strength.

It’s gonna be a tough gig for them.


Reckon they are an awesome live band personally - Live at the Royal Albert is one of the better live DVDs you’ll see IMO. Awesome.

Flamingo mightn’t do it for some - will cop that. But Desired Effect is fkn pure rolled gold for what it’s aiming for IMO. If you’re looking for more of The Killers then you’ll have a bad time. I think a lot of artists suffer from that - some people just want Is This It, Hot Fuss, Whatever People Say I Am That’s What I’m Not over and over and over again and unsurprisingly finish up disappointed.

With you on the last part, though I think if Christ descended from the heavens for his second coming and banished Demetriou to the seventh circle of hell it’d still be a pretty underwhelming show. GF entertainment just can’t be done well IMO.


Actually fair call on Live at The Royal Albert, that is pretty good.

I saw them outside though…

But yeah, that was more my point. Nobody nails the GF gig, because it’s destined to fail. I think it’ll be a particularly tough gig for them specifically though.

And you’re seriously the only person I’ve heard that likes his solo stuff


Yeah I saw them at BDO and hated it. Well, didn’t like it much at all… Put it down to being outside and the whole “festival” thing. Would have loved a dedicated gig.


The Killers - never heard of them.

Do they have jihadist connections??


I saw them at their first ever Brisbane gig. Was front and centre and ended up with a drum stick for my efforts. They’re awesome, one of my top three favourite bands of all time.

They’re also not really in fashion right now so right up afl’s alley.