Grand Final Entertainment


Completely disagree. They are sensational live, start to finish entertaining.


I’m not a fan of The Killers, but they’re good live.

Further to the earlier mention of Midnight Oil.
They are half way through a world tour, and sounding pretty damn good considering most band members are in their 60’s now.

They play in NZ on 11/9, before playing their first show in Australia on Mon 2/10.
The GF 2 days before that would be do-able, and I’d be disappointed if a call wasn’t made to their management.
Then again…Gil and his mates are farkwits, so probably not !


Yeah interesting, I must have got them on a bad night based on others reports.

They followed the Kaiser Chiefs who had had just blown the place apart when I saw them, and the killers were boring as fark by comparison. And I probably liked the Killers far more as a band at that time.

Best of luck to them on such a sh*tpost of a gig, although they’ll do better if Brandon Flowers brings back the Sam’s Town Mo.



Get the Fooeys, Dribble Ms own The Foo Fighters!


Couldn’t agree more


Been twice, one of their first shows at The Arena in Brisbane when they did Hot Fuss front to back, ripping little show. And again on the Sams Town tour at Brisbane entertainment centre, a lot of fun.

Flowers has a very unique voice too, sounds great live.


The chosen act usually boils down to whoever is touring at the time right?


Better choice than most the AFL have made, and I don’t mind the Killers, but really, they’re a band 10 years past their peak.

For me the choice - or the parameters - should be simple: either an iconic band or performer, timeless in appeal (like Pearl Jam), or get an Aussie group who actually know why they’re there and who know what it means.


I’d do away with bands just so that I don’t hear any more farken whinging about them.


If you want to see the best half time and post match entertainment. Get down to the Reclink Community Cup. The best day of footy for the year.

This year is Spiderbait and the Peep Temple.


That is far too sensible for the farkwits at AFL HQ.




Can we have some recent bands or still actively in their peak?

Or just no band maybe.


We should just copy the NBA all star game like last year


I think Lionel Ritchie was generally regarded as a success, so explain that peoples?

I think the demographic for the grand final is a bit different to the weekly hardcore follower…

And with the rise of AFLW it will probably become even less bogan male…


I think the point is that the NRL have been consistent in getting quality pub-rock bands. Whether it’s local bands ie. Hoodoo Gurus, Cold Chisel, You am I, Grinspoon, Jet, Wolfmother, Etc.

Then when the opportunity is available an international act. Kiss, Billy Idol, Slash, etc.

The point is, they know what they’re going for. They’re supporting local acts. There isn’t any surprises.

The AFL are picking bands that were big 5-10 years ago who haven’t released anything for years. Then expecting people to be excited.

IMO the best thing the AFL did was have the Living End last year. They’re a Melbourne band who love football and have been around for 20 years. Everyone knows who they are.

They want to be like the Super Bowl. But theyre not musically savvy on who is commercially popular, and on top of the charts. Then put their money up, to get them. That style isn’t my cup of tea. But clearly that’s what they’re going for and doing it unsuccessfully


Just heard the new Killers track (“The Man”). Oh dear…


The Killers: playing all their greatest hits!

Like ‘Mr Brightside’ and . . . . . others


They have tons of great songs.


Somebody Told Me, Read My Mind and When You Were Young, were all bigger hits from memory.

Fun fact: Tiger Woods used to have his mistresses put his name as ‘Mr Brightside’ in their phone, as I assume he was having a smoke, and they were taking a drag.