Grand Final Entertainment


Have Gil battle Vlad to the death in the middle of the arena, with King Hirdy in the crowd to give the thumbs down (to both)


My 2 fave Chisel songs are Wild Colonial Boy and Tomorrow.
Wild Colonial Boy was Barnsey in his prime.


Black Eyes Peas have maybe 1 song I like.


He was rather pungent.

The rest of that night is something I’d like to forget.


Shame, was hoping it’d be this


I saw Black Eyed Peas play Falls festival in, like, 2001.

It was pre-fergie, and my goodness they were a different band back then.


Had a mate offer me a free ticket to see them in that era.
Thought he meant the Blackeyed Susans and said yeah-nah.


The Black Eyed Peas should sing Don’t Phunk With The Rules.


If anyone hasnt heard it before, look up the Devil Monkey version of Cold Chisels No Sense.
No lyrics in it , just a musical cover. It`s pretty good.




Couldnt they just have a couple of auskick games and the Mexican wave?


Obviously couldn’t get McCartney to have a wank in the centre of the G

went with next best


A bunch of wankers.


Umm… who are ‘Gang of Youths’?
Never heard of them until yesterday.

More chance of a bigger percentage of the crowd recognising Black Eyed Peas songs, surely.


Is there anyone… ANYONE… in the world that has ever gone “Oh is _________ playing at the AFL grand final? Wow! I wasn’t interested at all before but now I will absolutely watch/attend because of that!!!”

Have a bit of fkn faith in your own product and let it stand on it’s own.


I stand by this suggestion. Reckon you’ll have a whole more people engaged with it, if they want something to fill in the time.
It will allow people to hear each other if they want to have a natter.
It’s cheap.
It’s relevant to the occasion.
And will be a nice way to cap off the biggest day of the AFL year by remembering some great moments during the season.


Personally, I’d be happy with a marching band nobody is listening to, the sprint and that’s it. Either that Angry or Meatloaf. Otherwise is pedestrian.


I was dragged along to the Collingwood/Giants game on the weekend, which apparently was a Collingwood home game given it was MC’d by a very biased fella who presumably does their H&A games.

I thought the Kiss Cam crap that we trot out at 3/4 time was awful enough, but no… Not only do they have it too (duly trotted out at 1/4 time), but Dance Cam (3/4 time, I don’t need to explain that one do I?) and… most risibly… would you believe Emoji Cam (1/2 time, where supporters are encouraged to pull faces which match a yellow cartoon page)

Where TF is our game headed???


The only time anyone devotes a single moments thought to it once it’s over, is if it’s tragically bad like Meatloaf or Angry Anderson and the Batmobile. Aside from that most people would struggle to remember any Grand Final entertainment


last time I found the Grand Final entertaining was 2000