Grand Final Entertainment


Too much sax?


Occasionally, yes (e.g. Saturday Night - a perfectly good tune ruined by it).

Moreso his screaming… When he decides to sing properly (which he did at times with Chisel, never in his solo career), he’s manageable.


The Moss vocal songs are their best work. By a mile.


I cant think of a single Cold Chisel song that wouldnt have sounded better with Moss, as opposed to Barnes, singing it.




You Got Nothin’ I Want and Goodbye Astrid come to mind.

Also, 35 year-old songs less popular than when they were released shock.


I reckon theres still a fair argument for both of those songs for Moss over Barnes, but I can see the other side of it too


They’d be different songs and I don’t think better at all.
Otherwise, you know, Mr Moss would probably have had more than Telephone Booth and Tucker’s Daughter.
He was pretty bland on his own.


to be fair I always considered Barnes pretty bland on his own, despite having greater commercial success as a solo artist than moss

but I get what youre saying wim



Jimmy Barnes wasn’t the lead singer of Cold Chisel…


“Working Class Man” would have shifted 122 units.


I’d Die To Be With You Tonight was top ten, maybe top five?

That album does make me laugh, though.
You’ve Got Nothin’ I Want!
Oh, wait.
Yes you do. You’ve got lots that I want.
How do you feel about a US style country rock album?


I long ago went past the point of never wanting to hear Khe San ever again, … but before it became a pain, there’s no argument it was a good piece of songwriting, … and the thought of 80k of the crowd at the G singing along with it is something to anticipate, … and u just know they will play it.

Then I hope to never hear it again.


That brings us to the next question. What wil their playlist be ?
Khe sanh , Driving wheels ( Was a solo hit ,not Chisels , but who cares ? ), Cheap Wine, Flame trees , Choir Girl and maybe You got nothing i want ? ?


I love Chisel. East is an amazing album. Back then Jimmy could genuinely sing. Mossy was good but only as a counterpoint to Barnsey. Their greatest moments are when Jimmy was up front.


Alternative entertainment would be instead of the car parade for ex-players they should shoot them out of a cannon.


I feel tribute act Gold Chisel do a much better job than the original band themselves. Shame on you AFL, a golden opportunity missed.


well since this is jimmy barnes, and not chisel, i reckon what youll find is that hell do a whole load of ■■■■ covers of classic rock songs and close with working class man.


Can we finally put Mike Brady in the canon.

I’d be happy to never hear up there Cazaly again.

Ditto holy grail.


Is Craig Willis still the announcer? Him to.



ding ding ding, we have a winner!