Great Club News - Let's report it ASAP!

Please, please correct me if I’m wrong, but I’ve been looking for an EFC report of our two great stories of the last 24 hours - our fabulous VFLW finals victory and the inspiring come-from-behind win of our reserves team over the old enemy. Great stories to tell, both of them, but what do we have on the EFC website …crickets! Am I missing something? I hope so.


I think the clubs got the hint. No fluff articles or news while we are going through one of the worst form slumps and everyone is under the pump.


Get stuffed.

It’s not phone backgrounds.


I wouldnt consider either of those stories as fluff pieces though.

As long as they didnt write with a style aimed to distract from the AFL team current state, Id think they were good stories about the club as a whole.


A finals victory??


Nobody works on a long weekend.

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I’m at work.


You work for Blitz?

Same here

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Essendon = $$$$$
VFLW (at this point) and VFL do not = $$$$$

Hence, Essendon = zero farks given.

It really is as simple as that these days.

The club is a hollow, vacuous, single purpose entity these days… $$$$$ and only $$$$$ matter.


Hmmm…this looks like a story about the VFL yesterday…from the club website

And another new story from the club website.

No offence to either the VFL or VFLW teams but most fans would be more interested in this one.

Stop looking for ways to trash the club…they don’t need your help.

And another VFL related story

Not directly, I’m in more of a consulting role.


Does it pay well?

Double time and no actual work involved.

Where do I sign up as the WA based “Consultant”

He said consulting, not insulting.


That’s ok…as long as I’m not needing to liaise with you, I’ll be fine :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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While it was great of the media dept to focus on the fantastic games of Massimo and Big Jim, the victory over Carlton was a total team effort. These snippets are not a match report. Still no VFLW finals report either. Slack.

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