Greatest Moment of our 150 year history

Which one is it?

  1. King Richard Triple Brownlow medals
  2. 1942 Premiership - Drought Breaker
  3. John Coleman 12 goals on debut
  4. 1962 Premiership - September Specialists
  5. 1984 Premiership - Drought Breaker
  6. Sheedy’s Jacket Celebration vs West Coast in 93
  7. 1993 Premiership - Baby Bombers
  8. Long’s running goal in 93 Grand Final
  9. 2000 Premiership - Sweet 16
  10. Zacka’s game winning goal on Anzac Day

I voted 2000 Premiership.

There has never been a team like that. Absolutely amazing.

Interesting Moorcroft’s mark didn’t make it in the final selections.

Amazed there is no ‘Michael Quinn fresh airs the ball in the goalsquare circa 2009 Adelaide final’ option

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1984…never been to a game where I’ve seen so much emotion from the fans.


Lucas 7 goals in a quarter.


93 for mine.

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Still reckon the goal that mark Mercuri kicked in the 3rd quarter of the 93 prelim was a big part of our history especially for the fans at the ground. Loudest roar I have ever heard still to this day


No team since has stomped their way to a flag like that.

125 points better than the reigning premiers in the qualifying final says it all.


How is the 69 point turnaround against North not on the list? That sticks out to me.


If these are our only choices then 1984 Premiership it is. In 83 we went in with hope and got beaten up. In 84 we just hoped we weren’t wiped by Hawthorn again. When we hit the front, it was almost ecstacy.


For a man of my age it’s 1993. I’ve watched that game more times than any other sporting game, movie, TV show or home video ever. I could go and watch it start to finish right now. So unexpected,

From memory

“Over to Michael Long, look at this boy go………50m out, he’s still going!!! 30m out….oh boy what a play, it may have been touched on the line………NO!!”


Any of the wins in 2016, in terms of unbridled joy going into those games with 0 expectation of winning can’t be beat

Timmy Watson’s goal celebration after kicking the sealer.


Timmy Watson’s jump against Fark Carlton in the Escort Cup final


Leon Bakers blind turn and goal in ‘84

Tim Watsons fluffed kick and second effort goal in the ‘93 Prelim


I agree with you about 83, but for me 84 was different. We had been coming all through the 83 and 84 seasons, but Hawthorn had always beaten us comfortably. Then in the 84 second semi, although we ended up losing by two goals, it had been neck and neck all afternoon and the team knew that they were as good as Hawthorn and capable of beating them.

So when the Grand Final came, we knew that we were capable of winning. We actually matched them all day, but for the first three quarters they kicked straight and we didn’t. We were 5.15 at ¾ time - two more scoring shots than their 10.8. Then in the final quarter we at last got on target and ran all over them. It had been a very long time coming.


This was epic.


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