Guess the location (a new game)


Spider Rock Towers, AZ


Yep - stunning in the setting sun


Radiator Springs?


That was a great picture @Mackster

OK, where’s this? Plenty of Blitzers seem to have been to this neck of the woods, so it shouldn’t take long…


Khone Falls, Mekong River Laos I’m thinking


Khone Phapheng Falls 'tis indeed. A most enjoyable afternoon was spent cycling out there (less enjoyable was the broken chain and ensuing walk on the way back…)

You’re up @aceman



Iceland. (Looks like a great spot )


According to locals it can be even more picturesque during other seasons


Northern Scotland perhaps. Isle of Skye , Shetlands


Gasadalur (spelling?), Denmark?


Yes, Gasadular but it’s actually in the Faroe Islands.

This is another photo taken (not by me).
I’d love to go back and visit at this time of year


Looks incredible. My wife & I planned a Scandinavian holiday years ago, but never made it for some reason.

Any itinerary recommendations for visiting the Faroe Islands? Did you explore Denmark or jump across to Iceland on the same trip?

I’m snowed under with paperwork this evening, so will pass this on to anyone who is around.



I have no idea, having never been there, and it doesn’t look Asian…but something tells me Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh city ? (Sorry for the spelling)


Sorry no.


We flew there from Copenhagen with Scandinavian airlines. About a 2 hour flight and cost $150 from memory. The Faroes only have 1 airport and it’s on the island of Vagar which is also where Gasadalur is located. Gasadalur is only about a 20 minute drive from the airport and I’d recommend renting a car as it’s quite comfortable to drive around the island and see some other stunning scenery. Torshavn the capital is located on Streymoy island which is the largest of the Faroe Islands. The two islands are connected by a huge sub sea tunnel so the airport to Torshavn can be done in under an hour. Plenty of small hotels and home stays in the Faroe Islands and cost wise I thought it was a cheaper country to travel in than I expected and would love to go back one day


If it’s the place I’m thinking of it’s a very nice and peaceful place to spend a few hours


There’s lots of places like that, where is this one? :stuck_out_tongue::joy:


The name of the park escapes me currently but I’m pretty certain it’s in Singapore. I can remember that bridge aswell as the beautifully manicured Japanese and Chinese gardens