Guess the location (a new game)


Chinese gardens, jurong in Singapore?


They are most certainly the Chinese Gardens in Singapore. Beautiful spot. I think Aceman knew it but just couldn’t name it so I suppose the means @AVanderScreamer gets the next shot.


Bit of a home town advantage on that one for me



You can read the engraving on the building :wink:

Maybe post a different one?


Excellent intel. Thanks kindly for sharing. Cheers.


Well, it’s clearly in the States…


A couple more snaps of the Faroe Islands.


Brilliant. I’m so there.


Wow! That looks awesome!!


Wools, total rookie error. Ok, this one.




Yes indeed

@davethedon you are up



Looking at the architecture I’m guessing it’s one of the Greek Islands. I’ve only been to about a dozen of them and I don’t recall seeing that building. Perhaps one of the more obscure islands?




Well there is supposedly over 5000 islands and most tours take you to 5 or 6 in a week so easy to rack them up :stuck_out_tongue:


The Japanese archipelago consists of 6,852 islands. Given that I have only visited less than 10 of them in my 16 years here, I am guessing that I have my work cut out for me. :wink:


Yes Greek Island.
See if this zeroes anyone in - same building up on the hill…

And yes it’s not a big island, but extremely beautiful.


A few more pics from this island. The main town centre (effectively an old fort up on the cliff to keep out pirates/invaders) is very old and has no car traffic on the beach-stone paving.