Guess the location (a new game)


Much nicer than Santorini imo. Not far away though. I hesitate to criticise Santorini as being overrun by tourists because after all that’s what we were. But we found this island much less busy/filthy/touristy. You could hire 3 wheelers and go down lonely tracks to find empty small beaches, or walk your way into others.take a walking track around the cliffs from the bus stop hamlet to find a restaurant perched over the water supplied by boat - no roads to that spot. Just a bus or the 3 wheelers for this island, no great point hiring a car. The few cars we saw I think were taxis or maybe owned by locals for the short run from main town to the port.


It was the only island on the crater I could think of, but get you on the tourists.


I don’t think it’s any of these (atleast going by my memory of them)


Edit: I see Santorini has already been ruled out anyway.
Is it Ios?


Ace man you are correct!

(It’s not on your list)!








Got it, but I cheated so I won’t run with it…
Suffice to say, it’s one of The Cyclades, right? According to the page I was looking at “this sleepy island is reminiscent of Santorini, but without the pricey glamour and overtourism”. You should be hosting a blog about tourism @davethedon


You have it Bakerrr. If no one gets it by tonight how about we reward your google skills, to keep this moving. TBH if you haven’t happened to be there or seen photos of the zig zag path from the town up to the mountain and church/chapel you won’t know it, so no point waiting for that knowledge to arrive!



If so - it was the best Greek island we visited.
More locals than visitors for a change.
Nice town square and the church on the hill is beautiful at sunrise.


Went to IOS, but don’t think I ever saw that place. Found it interesting that when we were there they ‘watered down’ their shower water with salt water, so we could have a longer shower.


Mackster yes, but keep it a secret, ok!

Agree re the square - is great and the little areas off it- has an almost roofed in atmosphere in the evening with everyone eating out on the paving, no vehicles, tree branches overhead. Just enough buzz from patrons and just enough art/craft knick knack shops without being cheesy megastore souvenir country. And the people you hardly see during the day if you get out for a walk or hire the 3wheeler bikes.


The place we stayed at lent us a motorbike - we rode it to the beach - super friendly. Loved the atmosphere at night in the square. I went over 20 years ago and have great memories of it.


Here’s something a little different for any divers out there.



Is this Santorini? Said by some to be the site of Atlantis.


No - closer to home but not Oz


The lady on the Coolidge


As I know I’m correct


That’s a very old volcano.