Guess the location (a new game)


Geez he doesn’t look THAT old :stuck_out_tongue:


I think it’s Kelimutu on Flores.
If so did you also visit Rinca and Komodo whilst in that neck of the woods?


Correct Aceman.

Do want to get to Komodo but missed it last time

That photo of me is from 10 years ago


14h rule, @Aceman…?



KGB Headquarters, Mockba?


No but right region


I didn’t think it was really KGB HQ, but does look like that dreadful soviet era architecture.

If it is not the Supreme Soviet Architectural and Urban Planning Ministry, :wink: then I better wait till the next pic.


Funnily enough it is called the Supreme Soviet building but wrong country and city


So it wasn’t the wrong country when those buildings were commissioned?


It’s in Belarus - The Supreme Soviet of Byelorussia.

We were once on a tour with an American pilot who’d been to just about every country in the world. He said Belarus was real old-school, still stuck in Cold War days. To the point where the hotels still had sunglasses-clad heavies on each floor, talking into wrist-watch microphones. Ever since then I’ve wanted to go, purely for curiosity value.

What say you, @aceman?


Yeah Minsk.
Found it quite an intriguing place. Seems to hang on to a lot of Soviet traditions and architecture. Memorials everywhere for communism, war deeds etc. Felt really safe and even at night you could stroll around everywhere but it can be a bit unerring because the locals do tend to stare a bit and you get that feeling you are being watched constantly. Saw a few heavies hanging around monuments and buildings that definitely give you the impression they are ex KGB or the like.


Yep, your thoughts concur 100% with what he said. Sounds fascinating, and definitely on the “to do” list…

So… where be this?


The Sibelius Monument in Helsinki?


Indeed it is. You’re up @swoodley


My cousin was married to a lady from Belarus. Her father fought for the Germans because Stalin was so evil.

Her funeral was in a Russian Orthodox church - interesting!


Sounds like the start of a limerick…


She had long legs but boy was she a goose…


Sorry for the slow response


Should I ignore the Dozari Karaoke sign on the left?