Gumtree D*ckheads

Seriously, if you’re going to attempt a lowball, at least make it semi-realistic and for for the love of God, turn up if you say you’re going to turn up. How hard is it to send a text if you can’t make it?


Step 1: don’t use gumtree

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Trying to sell that old couch again?

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You just know this is a Diggers’ thread from the title.


I’m with Diggers on this one

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Or Facebook marketplace.

Facebook marketplace is the bomb for kids toys.

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Couch Grouch

I sold some old junk garage fridge that was chewing up my energy bill. The idiot buying it and I agreed on $40. I had to go out so I wheeled the piece of junk out into the driveway and told the ■■■■ to leave the cash in letter box as I would not be home. When I got back he had put in the letter box only $20. When i called the prick he told me the other $20 must have blown away lol


Was it this one?


You’re my kind of guy, Nift.

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I’ve seen that couch somewhere before…

You can tell just from the title?

I’d hunt that jerk down for the outstanding twenny.

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It’s not just an old couch, it’s a mid century/retro/shabby chic/Danish inspired masterpiece.


Reckon if Bomb sold off some of his old hard drives, he’d sh*t bricks when he remembered the hundred Bitcoins he bought for $10 back in time are stored on one of them?

On the flip side, there is an implied pressure to go through with a purchase if you go to the trouble of actually turning up to buy the item.

Seller: So what do you think? Huh? Huh?
Buyer: I’m not sure. The photos you posted didn’t seem to illustrate the spew staining across both cushions.

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Had a no show for a month, then after 2 get a message, still selling it?

bruh that ■■■■ was gone after your first unannounced noshow.