Gun Amnesty

The first national gun amnesty since the Port Arthur massacre will aim to keep some of Australia’s 260,000 illegal guns out of terrorists’ hands.

The three month amnesty will allow people to hand in unregistered guns from July 1.

‘This is an opportunity for people to present the guns to authorities, no questions asked and with no penalty,’ Justice Minister Michael Keenan said on Friday.

‘If people don’t take that opportunity, the penalties for owning an unregistered or illegal gun in Australia are very severe.’
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He says illegal guns were used in the Lindt Cafe siege and the death of police accountant Curtis Cheng in Sydney, as well as being used in organised crime.

‘We have seen, through terror attacks in Australia, that illegal guns have been used,’ Mr Keenan said.

‘Now is the time to run another amnesty, with the aim of reducing this pool of illegal guns.’

Mr Keenan gave the example of a family heirloom that might have been sitting in a garage, and people might be worried about the consequences of handing it in.

‘What we want to do is reduce the number of guns like that in the community,’ he said.

The national amnesty will be the first since the Port Arthur massacre in 1996, which was accompanied by a gun buyback scheme.

Mr Keenan said more recent state-based gun amnesties had seen thousands of illegal guns handed in.

Fellow cabinet minister Christopher Pyne says if illegal guns weren’t available, they could not have been used in the recent killing of Queensland police officer Brett Forte.

Labor is backing the amnesty.

‘We would certainly encourage people to do the right thing and to hand them in,’ frontbencher Anthony Albanese told the Nine Network.

The Port Arthur shooting in April 1996 resulted in the deaths of 35 people at the popular tourist site in Tasmania.

Gunman Martin Bryant is serving 35 life sentences for the murders.


Hey Guys I am just wondering If I should hand back my guns during the amnesty or is the threat of a Zombie Apocalypse real therefore I should keep my arsenal?

I’d say keep.
Zombies are scary.

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Guns aren’t a great zombie apocalypse weapon.
They’re loud, attracting attention, and you need a headshot to stop them.
So, kinda pointless at close range and the cons outweigh the pros at long range.
A simple trench is far better defence than a gun against zombies.
For close range fighting I’d recommend a shaolin spade.

So, in summary, hand in your guns.


Your response was extremely informative you’ve obviously played Zombie Apocalypse before.

There is a permanent gun amnesty over here and I’m guessing is probably the case in other states too. Anyone can take their unlicenced gun(s) to a pigsty and they’ll dispose of them for you. You’ll be in poo if one of your guns has been used in the committing of an offence and questions will be asked but otherwise no problem. The Federal government and M Keenan in particular are full of sh*t. M Keenan would know this but it didn’t stop him from getting on the wireless yesterday shamelessly spouting government propaganda.

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You can have mah guns when you can pry 'em from my cold, dead fingers.


Circulation problems?


But, I didn’t think guns killed people.

So the saying goes:

Guns don’t kill people.
People with guns kill people.

It’s like a lot of partisan issues in politics.

“We can’t take people’s rights away! Guns don’t kill people. People with guns do!”

“Well, we should restrict people’s access to them, then.”

“But… you can’t take people’s rights away!”

“Sooo, you basically don’t actually give a fark so long as you have your gun. Is that it?”

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but how will we stop our tyrannical govt?

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I hope the head on that thing is more secure than the last rake I bought…


Looks like it’ll double as a pizza oven peel , and possibly a plough.


Or a stage prop for a crescent moon.

Its better than not having an amnesty.

But i doubt we’ll see the Hells Angels or the likes of Man Monis lining up to hand in their firearms.

Less guns good thing.

I have no idea why anyone needs a private gun collection, outside a farmer for pest control.

For fun/interest/sport/hunting/vermin control/historical interest ?


As long as it doesn’t get to this point.

This guy is a nice bloke, a musician who lives in the US and is allowed to own this .50 cal because it is Vietnam War era. (buggered if I can figure out why that would make a difference) He says it costs a minimum of $1000 to go have a shoot, and all you can really do with it is chop down trees, because even if your target is an animal the size of a moose, it just gets reduced to hamburger mince.

There is absolutely no need for things like this even in the hands of the police, let alone private citizens.