Half time Aussie band for the AFL Grand Final

Toni Pearan ■■■■■!


Stop stealing @Koala’s playlist.

Is this another opportunity to post that Holly Valance song?


Nikki Webster - Strawberry Kisses


Tony Armstrong with a didge

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It will never happen, but if silverchair were to reunite I’d target them

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Warrumpi Band!

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With Butterfingers as a support act

Hah… I nearly included Hollow Vallance in that list above.
Her, maybe the Freaked Out Flower Children…

I might just go watch that video again…

Captain Spalding anyone?

Only if they play everytime

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Dave and the Derros.

Met her at the opening of The Warehouse in Rowville, circa 2000


Daryl Braithwaite - Horses

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Cosima De Vito for mine

Give the people what they want.

A complete reenactment of the 2003 Australian Idol finale, but Shannon Noll is announced winner.

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Weddings, Parties, Anything…or just Mick Thomas solo.

They have a few great footy themed songs that they could play.

And if the Pies make the granny they could play Tough Time before the game to hopefully jinx them.


Monday’s Experts

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