Been doing Halloween the last couple of years and having fun, what do you think?


See a lot more decorations out this year.
Our neighbours have two young kids that love it. We get treats for them, but supplying chocolate for randoms still feels kind of weird.

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IMO it’s stupid American crap. Got no problem with people wanting to partake if they so wish. Me, just like Harvey Norman, no interest!


Halloween in bright daylight with parents is stupid.

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Agree, it’ a weird concept, kids rolling up whilst you are dressed as a vampire, we had music going and it was over at 6:30


■■■■ you daylight savings

Halloween was much quieter this year. Maybe the weather, but much fewer decorated houses down our way.

It’s the squeeze on the budget

I don’t care much for halloween, but I’m a fully grown man so it isn’t about what I think at all. The kids love it and I’m very pro-kids having fun, it’s all a bit of fun so who cares.

It was a lot quieter this year though.


Having lived in an apartment for the best part of 7 years I wasn’t really exposed to it. But now living in a house with street frontage, going for a walk in the local area I was amazed at the amount of houses with pumpkins and ghosts, skeletons, fake spider webs hanging off the fences of the front yards. It just wasn’t a thing when I was growing up, hence my attitude towards it…



maybe definitely

Definitely possibly maybe

We do it every year now we have 3 young kids.

Decorate the house, theme our costumes and love the community feel.

Not something I thought I’d get into pre-kids but my 3 love it just as much as Easter and Christmas. And anything that gives them the confidence and opportunity to engage with other kids is a win in my book.


Well, kinda… what we know as Halloween has been typically twisted and commercialised from its origins by the Seppos. The original Halloween has Celtic or Gaelic roots, was far more pagan and interesting and involved turnips, not pumpkins. It’s not for me, but it’s for the kids really, innit?

What I’d love to know is when it became a “thing” in Australia. When I was a kid it was virtually non-existent. Is it just purely the influence of American TV?

Have to say, the number of decorated houses out our way (outer east Melbourne) were well down on previous years (reckon it peaked just before covid). There’s one house in our court that go all out every year, but that’s it.

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bang on

it’s by far the least concerning aspect of american cultural hegomony


Just goes to show how stupids kids here are. You can hit 10 doors in the time of 2!

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I live in a court so i don’t see any decorations,kids trick or treat

My street goes mad for it. It is a lot of fun. Whilst not all the kids are local to the street, they are local to the area, and so recognisable from our kids school etc. We have streamers at the gate of houses that participate, so those not interested get left alone.

I always laugh about @Humble_Minion living in what looks like the actual local haunted house on the street, so not getting any trick or treaters.

When we lived in Houston, our suburb had a huge number of blow ins and you would get door knocked for hours. Eventually the only answer was to go inside, turn off all the lights and pretend no one was home.

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I’ve always been anti but our kids were desperate to do it this year.

About 17 houses in our area of about 10 smallish streets participated, all leaving bowls outside so no knocking required. Kids wore costumes they already have and had a great walk meeting neighbourhood kids.

Now I’m okay with it, but will never go all out

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