Hamish Hartlett

Yes? No? Maybe?

I hear we are right into him - sounds like he is on a massive contract. Unsure for mine…

Oh…so you read that article too.

Four years to go on a five year contract, what a joke Port moving on their VC. What’s the story?

Pig replacement?

ye sure port you pay 3/4s of the contract fuckwits.

jackets out for dodoro.

Wasn’t there intra club kanoodling going on of some sort

Wasn't there intra club kanoodling going on of some sort

They’re denying it.


I did their survey so you can see the results in the middle.

Gold Coast starts process to lure Hamish Hartlett from Port Adelaide

Michelangelo Rucci, Chief Football Writer, The Advertiser
September 2, 2016 5:55pm

GOLD Coast has begun the “due diligence” test on Port Adelaide vice-captain Hamish Hartlett to trigger a three-club trade that will significantly shape the Power’s draft strategy.

But the deal - that would involve Richmond, exiting Suns midfielder Dion Prestia and the No. 6 draft pick in November - still hinges on Hartlett agreeing to walk away from his long-term contract. He is tied to the Power to the end of the 2020 AFL season.

Hartlett, 26, is now prepared to consider a trade - but to a Melbourne-based club rather than the Suns. And he will have the final say on any trade.

Hartlett’s Adelaide-based manager Michael Doughty told The Advertiser today/yesterday interest in Hartlett’s availability is building across the AFL. He adds Hartlett will sit through next month’s AFL trade period “with an open mind”.

Doughty revealed Hartlett is drawing attention beyond Gold Coast saying: “There is interest, no doubt.

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“And Hamish also has four years to run on his contract with Port Adelaide,” added Doughty, emphasising the player has the final call.

“Hamish had a good chat with the club - and appreciates the club has been honest,” added Doughty. “But we let the dust settle and see what emerges in the next couple of weeks.

“Hamish will go into this process with an open mind.”

Gold Coast list manager Scott Clayton has carried long-term interest in Hartlett. And the Suns are baffled and surprised as to why the Power - for the right deal - would put Hartlett on the trade table next month.

The extremely talented - but far from consistent or durable - Hartlett has played 127 of a possible 181 games at Port Adelaide since he was the No. 4 pick in the 2008 national draft.

Gold Coast is being re-assured in its due-diligence checks that the off-field headlines - including the mythical fall-out with Port Adelaide captain Travis Boak in a supposed spat over girlfriends - have no relevance in the Power’s decision to measure Hartlett’s worth on the market.

The key point is Port Adelaide needs to move players to open up salary cap space and graft early draft picks to regenerate the Power list after the alarm bells set off by missing AFL finals for the past two seasons. No longer is there the image of a top-four list at Alberton.

Port Adelaide coach Ken Hinkley has closed the “exit meetings” with the Power players at Alberton this week emphasising “everything is on the table” for list management. And he is prepared to consider all offers at the trade talent - a massive shift from last season.

“We’ve said that exactly to the players,” Hinkley said. “That’s what happens when you don’t get the performances that you want. You have to make changes. And we will be aggressive in that change - we certainly need to be that.

“We will do everything we can to strength our list.”

Hartlett’s value has diminished in 12 months, however. Last year, he was commanding two first-round draft picks in the October trade market.

But Hartlett - to then the Power’s delight - rejected lucrative offers from North Melbourne and Richmond to sign a five-year contract extension at Alberton.

The dramatic change in Hartlett’s status - from eagerly signed up player in November to new vice-captain in February and trade bait in August - is purely based on football question marks, not off-field questions.

Hartlett played 15 of 22 games this season - his least since 2012. He did not finish the season because of a calf injury.

His statistical averages have fallen this season. His disposal average (18 touches a game) is at the lowest since 2010.

Hinkley expects any trade moves on Hartlett - or any contracted player - to lead to “mature” discussions at Alberton. He notes player movement through free agency also has significantly advanced trading of contracted players with increased willingness from both clubs and players.

“We want to say, ‘We have an opportunity here, it is what we need - and you (the player) can make a move that gets the best out of you’ - that is a mature approach,” Hinkley said.

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Michelangelo paints an interesting picture

Michelangelo paints an interesting picture

Heavily into roofies I heard.

Of course they will deny anything is going on, they are hardly going to declare it.

I notice the guy doing the wrong thing is the one they want to keep though, something to do with being a better player maybe. Bunch of wankers at Port.

Port Adelaide has f*cked up their salary cap situation. They need to deal with it.

No thanks. We’re not paying out his contract for them.

if those inbreds are willing to fork out some of his contract, then fk yeah make it happen dodoro.

Port Adelaide has f*cked up their salary cap situation. They need to deal with it.

No thanks. We’re not paying out his contract for them.

Sounds like he is the victim of a poor club environment.

Maybe we can pay a little bit of the contract, and they can pay the rest in compensation.

Are we moving on to Hartlett because JOM is gone? I’m not convinced I want either. Maybe I would but definitely only at the right price.

Will end up at GCS!

He’s like poor man’s Brendon Goddard but just a bit younger.

He is a gun but also gets injured alot.

There is no way in hell port will accept a 2nd round pick for him unless the club says it will take his whole salary under its cap.

Any article coming out now needs to be taken with a grain of salt because they are just making up anything and hoping they get one right*

*except about Lav of course. That ■■■■■ real!

4 sale
2008 model
Low Kilometers due to unreliability
Inconsistent and Overrated
Must pay top dollar

Selling due to salary cap issues, wanting draft picks and allegedly banging the captain’s missus.

FU Port.

Would happily take him for a 3rd or 4th rounder

Cant see that being enough to get him though

No way, he’s overrated and always injured

If we get Hartlett for 26 and 36, it's a steal.

Others will offer a lot more than that for Harlett