Happy birthday koala

Happy Birthday to my favourite BBlitzer !


Happy Birthday K!!

Happy Happy Joy Joy!

Happy birthday to that koala bloke.

Appropriate in the news forum too, this is probably her favourite place to frequent.




thanks guys, you rock!! <3

Happy Birthday Koala.

Top bloke

Happy Birthday dear Lassie.

Happy Birthday to you.

Have a eucalyptastic day

I’m wondering if everyone’s left the party yet, or if they’ve all decided they’re not going 'til Gum leaves?

( Hat Tip to Austen Tayshus )

Have a eucalyptastic day
Don’t expect any more posts today. Koalas gotta get their 20 hours sleep a day.

cheers again!! Blitzers are OSSUM!! <3

Best birthday wishes Koala.

Yeah, and watch out for that nasty clemidia!


Happy Birthday @Koala the bestest BBlitzer of all. Sweet Sixteen again !


Happy Birthday!

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